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The Most Adorable Kid Who Stole the Show at Yesterday’s City Council Meeting

This kid needs to be at every meeting.

I don’t know what was going on, but at yesterday’s Dallas City Council meeting there was a kid sitting behind Councilman Philip Kingston who has my vote right now, even though this kid isn’t old enough to run for office and even though I don’t, I’m guessing, live in his district. Player had his hair on fleek. Solid. Plus, he knew where to catch himself onscreen. City Hall screen. But still.


  • Veletta Lill

    Adam McGough’s son.

    • The mayor needs to give him his own committee.

      • Veletta Lill

        He pushed the button on a record vote yesterday so he obviously has strong thoughts on policy.

  • JohnyAlamo

    “For Our Community” might help your cause, Mr. Rogers. They could put out fliers that would portray him as the more “level headed” and “mature” candidate against Kingston.

    • Clearly the kid lives in McGough’s district, so he’s going to have to run against his dad. But with the help of For Our Community, that won’t be a problem for McGough Junior. FOC will spend tens of thousands of dollars painting McGough Junior as a hot-tempered jerk, knowing full well that District 10 PREFERS hot-tempered jerks. Pow! Mild-mannered McGough Senior loses to his son in a landslide.

  • alexander troup

    If he run for Mayor I will vote or him I don”t care if he hates Confederate statue and It is time there was a Pride Mayor the Black and White hour is almost over then its time for a Hispanic Mayor, let look at Dallas, it is about decades and change not always the same…and so lets call Lee Park,….. Kingston Prince since we do need some pride now that the losers are gone including the Black an White..