Leading Off

Leading Off (6/8/17)

Dallas fights against sanctuary cities bill, SMU women's forum empowers, and more.

Dallas on Board with Fight Against Sanctuary Cities Bill. Along with other Texas cities like Austin and San Antonio, Dallas is joining the fight against the state’s sanctuary cities bill. Yesterday, Mayor Rawlings called SB4, which goes into effect Sept. 1, “unconstitutional,” and said it “greatly infringes on the city’s ability to protect.” There is talk among these cities’ mayors of potential litigation.

City Council Unsure How to Spend $800 Million. There’s a new $800 million bond package proposal from the Citizens Bond Task Force that encompasses streets, city buildings, parks, trails, housing, and flood control. Now the city just has to figure out how best to divvy up the cash and keep each district happy. They hope to vote on June 28.

Women Ambassadors Forum Helps Shape Women Leaders. The third annual women’s forum, being held at SMU, covered topics yesterday like preparing women to be successful leaders and promoting gender equality. Jen Welter, the NFL’s first ever female coach, spoke, as well as Neiman Marcus’ Carrie Tharp, and others. “Being the first is great, but what is most important is not being the last. I was so conscious every time I stepped up, because I didn’t want my narrative to be, ‘We had a girl once, but….’ Just realize as you’re the first, continue to set the stage so you’re not the last,” Welter said. The four-day forum ends tomorrow.

Exxxotica Versus Dallas City Hall Moving to New Orleans. The porn expo’s fight with City Hall is heading to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in NoLa. The expo’s attorneys filed an appeal on Tuesday, a few weeks after the case—initially filed last year—was dismissed here. Next week, City Council will vote on paying Dallas’ outside attorneys even more to fight the suit.