PLAYING THE ANGLES: Broadnax isn’t afraid to tell the mayor he doesn’t like one of his ideas.

Local Government

City Manager T.C. Broadnax Continues to Clean House

Long-time head of the office of economic development, Karl Zavitkovsky, is the latest top official to leave Dallas City Hall

A few hours ago, the Dallas Morning News posted an editorial commenting on the numbers of senior staff who have departed Dallas City Hall since the arrival of the new city manager T.C. Broadnax. Just about the same time, Council member Scott Griggs posted a memo on Facebook announcing yet another resignation. Karl  Zavitkovsky, head of the office of economic development, will step down as of June 23. Zavitkovsky is the 16th official to leave the city since former-city manager A.C. Gonzalez retired in January. It all suggests that Broadnax is the no-nonsense, buck-stops-here manager many hoped he would be. Perhaps as significant, Broadnax has largely looked outside of City Hall to hire replacements.

For those keeping score, Jim Schutze posted Grigg’s organization chart that tracks all of the departures. Time to add another red “X.”