Watch the Best Donuts in Dallas

You can't eat this kind of donuts. But they make for good Facebook posts.

Wylie H. Dallas posted a video on Facebook a bit ago of someone doing donuts at the intersection of Hatcher and Malcolm X. You should watch the video. Because this guy — I assume it’s a guy — is really good at doing donuts. Truly impressive work.

But I bring it to your attention because Wylie introduced the video with this remark: “As members of the Dallas Police Department continue to flee, the city predictably begins to descend into chaos.” If he wasn’t being sarcastic, then I think Wylie has led a sheltered life. This kind of thing happens every weekend in the big city, and it always has. Heck, it happens all the time in small towns, too. Young, stupid people have done donuts in cars since cars were invented. Well, since cars were powerful enough to do donuts. Furthermore, the video shows a police chopper flying overhead and squad cars arriving at the scene shortly thereafter. Pretty good response time, actually.

So let’s be careful with the “descend into chaos” line. Crime rates are still at historic lows. 


  • Amy S

    Silly me, I read “doing donuts,”and thought cake or yeast. How quickly the Michigan wears off.