Upward Strategy Group Takes a Stroll Through the Arts District

What a handsome bunch.

The digital fairies delivered to me this morning quite a shocking image. Who are these people? What is Upward Strategy Group? How many times did they have to walk across the Winspear lawn to get this shot? Why couldn’t the guy on the left smile? I can’t tell you. I’ve already said too much. In fact, I never should have published this photo. Screen grab this post before I change my mind and take it down.


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  • I could be wrong. But from left to right, I believe that is Cameron Vickrey, Brian Sweany, Bethany Jordan, Jay Pritchard, Allison Allison, Judd Pritchard, Katy Pritchard, and Vinny Minchillo. The over-under on Pritchards was 2.5. The over wins.

    • Mavdog

      If the over-under on Allisons was 1.5, would the over or under win?

  • MattL1

    Why aren’t they holding hands? How am I supposed to put my faith in a strategy group that is unwilling to hold hands when walking together in a line? Just seems unnatural.

    • Jay Pritchard

      If your strategy calls for us to hold hands, by all means we will hold hands.

  • Mavdog

    Why are they looking in different directions? If they are people who provide strategy shouldn’t they all be focused in the same direction? A strategy that is going every which way doesn’t seem to be well thought out.

  • DubiousBrother

    The woman on the left is out of sync – the women are supposed to be a step behind the men or is that the upward strategy?

  • Alan

    It has a Reservoir Dogs feel to it. I like it. More background explosions please.

  • OldLakeHighlander

    You sure it’s not the High Fivin’ White Guys?

    • Peter Simek

      I spy Bill Nye

  • RompingWillyBilly

    In this part of Dallas, that picture can only mean one thing. Surely their political strategy is to continue pushing The Dallas Arts District as a cash cow ruse. I can tell this just by the naive way that they are walking!!
    As the people have spoken, concerning North Texas, the district made up of the Crescent and Harwood International have become ground zero. So what is an inner city of strange bedfellows to do? Why these Marxist / fascists continue utilizing a money-pit of taxes to compete against that designation! Yet, this Crescent / Harwood district got built the old fashion way by using zero government money! Meanwhile, they aren’t going to be happy until they screw it up as they just can’t leave The Dallas Arts District alone either. They’ve just got to continue smudging it up with their filthy fingerprints until it becomes another ghetto created by social spending. Indeed, it isn’t enough to make a serious fatal decision screwing up the perfect dream for everyone else, but they are going to spend hundreds, millions, and billions of dollars going all Enron in creating a huge nightmare!
    Isn’t that always the case with government whether they be ruling over a corrupt inner city or a huge corporation? While the people might pollute things two times over, the government will most certainly step in to dirty it up a hundred times over all in the name of endless pork barrel cronyism!!
    Meanwhile, the Dallas Fair Park continues to wither away into a neglected dark area poisoned by endless years of social spending. Likewise, the State Fair of Texas has become a squealing pig just begging to have a fork stuck into it! I think they are crazy not moving it over to Arlington. Seriously, give the matter a few seconds. Wouldn’t the major event be better located over in Arlington? Well, have you had your vehicle broken into lately? What about being followed by ominous looking muggers?
    The focus should have been taken off The Dallas Arts District ten years ago!! As Hillwood of Perot fame found out quite painfully, no one had better dare mess with the Crescent! While he didn’t know any better and got his nose bloodied learning that lesson, the idiots pushing the status of the Dallas Art’s District over the Crescent should know better!! The first rule to learn when developing in central Dallas is that you had better never mess with the status of the Crescent just as it would be unwise to mess with NorthPark Center!! That is why Park Lane got construct with its back to the wonder mall!! If you want to succeed, you should first accept yourself in the scale of things. Since accepting its role as a step below that ofthe area made up of The Crescent / Harwood area, hasn’t the neighborhood of Victory Park been doing fabulous!
    Or is my interpretation of the picture above way off?

  • Danny Mathes

    Looks like a great group of strategist.