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This Hawk Is Apparently Hunting for Downtown Lawyers

Seriously. You need to stay woke, attorneys.

One of the cool things about working in a downtown office tower is that every so often you get to see a hawk fly right by your window. Yesterday an attorney named Christopher Kratovil got this shot of a hawk whose bloodlust will apparently be satisfied only by the carcass of an appellate lawyer. I’m sharing his photo despite Kratovil’s allegiance to Arsenal.


  • Christopher D. Kratovil

    Thanks for noticing the photo, Tim. I’ve worked in the Comerica Bank Tower since 2001, and in all those years this is the first time I’ve had a hawk land on my window ledge. That the hawk stuck around long enough to be photographed–posing nobly in front of Reunion Tower, no less–was even more surprising. By the way, enjoy watching Arsenal take the FA Cup on Saturday.

    • We are all Chelsea fans Saturday. And better luck on your next campaign in the Premier League.