(from left to right) Heather Anderson, Cathy Williamson, Tiffany Davros, Tanya Foster


Meet Dallas’ Over-40 Fashion Bloggers

These women are redefining the city's fashion scene one LikeToKnow.it post at a time.

Earlier this year I went to a book launch luncheon and was seated across from a beautiful middle-aged blonde. She was perfectly put together and, at one point, mentioned trying out SoulCycle for WFAA. I just assumed she was a TV personality. But after looking her up later, I realized the pretty blonde was actually a fashion blogger named Tanya Foster. My interest was piqued. I’ve come across plenty of fashion bloggers at media events, but they’re usually perky 20-somethings who live at the Taylor—not Park Cities empty nesters.

Around that same time, I came across Heather Anderson on Instagram. She’s a Highland Park mom in her 40s and, as of today, has nearly 43,000 followers eyeing her LikeToKnow.it posts. As I found, the over-40 fashion blogger community is a small one. There’s only a handful, but they’re hard at work, publishing content and posting pictures multiple times a week, if not daily.

Now, whether you find them inspiring or silly probably has more to do with your opinion on fashion blogging in general. Either way, the concept is interesting. These are middle-aged women modeling clothing (you usually only see that in the occasional InStyle with a spread on Susan Sarandon) and Highland Park housewives building careers long after college.

You can meet four of Dallas’ over-40 fashion bloggers—Tanya, Heather, Cathy, and Tiffany—here or in our June issue on stands now. Like their outfits or hate their politics, I’ll leave that up to you.