Leading Off

Leading Off (5/18/17)

More on Balch Springs man who was tased, Dallas police honor victims, and more.

Balch Springs Man Who Was Tased Believes It Was Based on Race. Marco Stephenson was tased by officer James Young in April when he was already handcuffed. Stephenson was walking with his nephew, who had a BB gun. He told the kid to give it to him since they were walking in a nicer part of Balch Springs and someone might call the police. The police came and handcuffed him, when he was then tased. “I can’t say nothing but ‘you did it because you’re dealing with a black man,’ ” Stephenson said. “How can you want somebody to support the blue when you’re dealing with people based on what color they are?”

Jesuit Dallas Condemns Video Containing Racist Remark. A video, posted on Twitter on Tuesday, shows a Jesuit student using racist language. I won’t repeat the disgusting comment here. The school’s president, Mike Earsing, said Jesuit “swiftly addressed the situation in an appropriate way,” but the actions taken are not clear.

City Council Accepts County Election Results. Yesterday, the council voted to accept the county results from the May 6 election, although some did so reluctantly due to allegations of voter fraud. The DA’s office is investigating the allegations.

Dallas Police Honor Victims in Memorial Service. 84 Dallas police offers killed in the line of duty, including those killed in the July 7 ambush last year, were honored at yesterday’s memorial service. “We know that good doesn’t always conquer evil, and today is a reminder of that,” Interim Police Chief David Pughes said. “But where would we be if good people didn’t answer God’s call to fight bad people?”‬