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Leading Off (5/17/17)

Leaked video of a Balch Springs tasing surfaces, an Uber driver shot at the Trails at Lakewood, and Kobe's gift to Jordan Edward's bro.

Balch Springs Police Under the Microscope. A leaked video mailed to KDFW-TV shows a sergeant tasing a man already in handcuffs during an arrest in April 2016. The officer is white, the arrestee is a black man who’s had brushes with the law some 37 times. The taser comes out of nowhere. Balch Springs PD says the incident was reviewed by the Texas Rangers and other agencies. In the end, the officer was not allowed to have contact with the public until he “completed classes on conflict resolution, anti-bias, and how to respond to mental health calls.”

Kobe Sends Gift to Jordan Edwards’ Brother. Proving that even the biggest A-holes can sometimes be angels, Kobe Bryant sent a signed jersey and two pairs of his Mamba sneakers to Kevon Edwards for the 17-year-old’s recent birthday. Kevon was in the car when his brother was fatally shot.

Mavs Get Ninth Pick in Draft. It was the expected outcome; the hope was for better.

Former Army Ranger Shoots Uber Driver in Lakewood. It’s taken me a minute to process this story, so stay with me: An Uber passenger getting picked up at the Trails at Lakewood apartments at 1 a.m. Tuesday morning showed his cased gun to the driver, a 24-year-old Iraqi expat, who proceeded to hold and take pictures with the gun (the affidavit says he “held the gun up against the right side of his face”). Then another guy, not the driver nor the passenger, but a former Army Ranger who now works for a personal security firm, apparently mistakes the situation for something nefarious and shoots 15 times, hitting the driver in the chest and abdomen. Why the one dude would shoot another dude if that dude was holding a gun to his own dude head, I do not know. Also not known is the driver’s condition. Best wishes for all those involved and may actual, non-Kobe angels swipe your bullets in the night.


  • Happy Bennett

    I need Mav-Dog’s expert analysis on the Mavs draft pick and it’s potential consequences.

    • Mavdog

      It’s what was expected. No incredible luck by having their ping pong ball picked in the top 3. Here comes Lauri!

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