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Here’s the NE Tarrant Tea Party Advocating Journalists be Body-Slammed

Because they deleted the tweet.

The most recent post on the NE Tarrant Tea Party’s website is about how Twitter is “where it’s at,” arguing that it’s the best channel for the organization to “maximize” its “impact.” Here’s how it chose to maximize its impact today:


Body slamming a journalist didn’t work out too well for Montana House candidate Greg Gianforte, who was charged with misdemeanor assault on Thursday for allegedly doing such a thing.


  • @zaccrain

    I have been training for two years for this and have the requisite core strength to take on all comers. Guys, I’m going to be honest: I’m typing this shirtless while in plank position.


  • OldLakeHighlander

    Montana, not Missouri. And why are you promoting garbage posts from a racist web site?

  • OldLakeHighlander

    I also find it interesting that in the two minutes I spent on their twitter page, reading the constant stream of vulgar and insulting posts concerning anyone non-white and non-Republican, that you isolated one, single post about your profession that you felt was offensive. So question to you: Are you OK with all of the other hate spewed by this group?

    • @zaccrain

      WHOA, glad I’m not the only one that picked up on the OBVIOUS implication there.

      • OldLakeHighlander

        Zac: What’s the best way to contact Wick Allison? I’m serious.

        • @zaccrain

          About my sarcasm or Matt not explicitly condemning the entire NE Tarrant Twitter feed? I am going to speak for him — and I would imagine everyone else in the D org chart — and say that, without question, we think everything they say is garbage. You are absolutely correct in your scouting report of that feed. But Matt putting up that deleted tweet was singling out, if anything, the lack of guts to stand behind yet another insanely bad take, and it’s newsworthy. I wouldn’t call that promoting, but perhaps our definitions differ.

          I think it was unfair of you to insinuate something with your comment and I came to Matt’s defense.

          Best way to contact Wick is email.

          • OldLakeHighlander

            Thank you for your input. I insinuated nothing. I believe I clearly stated that Mr. Goodman found one piece of offense in a pile of hate garbage. I then asked him what he thought about all of the other garbage he had to wade through to find that one post. The fact that he used the wrong state and minimal text with no context indicates to me that this was a rush job with little thought in the process.
            Why not link to an actual news article instead of a hate site and then give us some journalistic insight into the issue (You know, like what Tim is constantly asking the DMN to do?). When you link to a site, people will go to that site and develop their own understanding of the values of the person who linked it.
            Be careful with sarcasm in print replies–it rarely works, and when it does, it works badly for the writer.

          • @zaccrain

            Thanks for the feedback and your mentorship.

          • Greg Brown

            All I know about journalism I learned from overhearing Tim’s drunken conversations at Goodfriend.

          • C Newman

            That twitter feed is indeed filled with almost entirely garbage. That said, insanely bad takes on twitter are thrown down every day by accounts/people that are significantly more legitimate that are then deleted after being taken to the wood shed for whatever reason. Not discounting the ridiculous tweets NE Tarrant Tea account have no problem leaving up; should they not have deleted the tweet if they somehow decided to have a second thought on the tweet? If that means they lack guts and is therefore newsworthy, is every insanely bad knee jerk take tossed out on twitter that’s deleted newsworthy and mean that those accounts/people are gutless?

          • @zaccrain

            Not necessarily. No. That is not a blanket statement. I personally think this one is. That is my opinion.

          • C Newman

            This particular account is gutless for deleting an insanely bad twitter take instead of standing behind the tweet and leaving it up; other cases of ridiculous knee jerk take tweets that are deleted tbd whether or not those accounts/people are gutless based on one’s personal opinion. Understandable, but that thought process has a lot of opportunity to feed one’s personal bias on whatever topic is being discussed or what account/person made the comment.

          • @zaccrain

            That’s fair.

  • Bizarro BigTex

    Zac, I line up with you 100% on this discussion. You made a perfectly cromulent point that embiggened the discussion. I am writing Wick that you are deserving of a spot bonus. Good work, old son!

    • @zaccrain

      Great words.

  • Raul H

    I blame Jesse Ventura for starting all of this.

  • OldLakeHighlander

    To: Wick Allison
    From: Gregory Brown
    Date: 5/25/2017

    Subject: Frontburner Post by Mr. Goodman

    Mr. Allison:

    As a native Dallasite, I have read D Magazine since its inception. I must state my disappointment in the post by your journalist Matt Goodman on the D Magazine Frontburner Page on 5/25/2017. The link to this post is enclosed below. There are so many questions I have about this post that I must resort to bullet format.

    In this post, Mr. Goodman:

    • Misstated the state where this incident occurred. It was later corrected. This made me instantly suspicious of the amount of time and effort your journalist put into this post.

    • Linked to a deleted tweet by an extremist right wing group. Why a link to this particular tweet? Why this particular group? What importance does this group hold to the author? We do not know because no context or opinion concerning the veracity of this “news source” was provided. If this was posted by Councilperson Clayton, Mayor Rawlings, Governor Abbott, Senator Cruz, or President Trump, this tweet would have some type of context. But it did not. It came from some random person posting on a hate site in North East Tarrant County. In this day and age, you are what you link to. So again, I ask, why does your journalist hold this group in such high regard that he would take the time to draw attention to them?

    • Provided no context for this post. What is the purpose of this particular post? A journalist was arrested this month in West Virginia for asking a question to a government official. There are ongoing and serious insults to the journalistic profession in this country and beyond, but none of this merited a comment from your journalist. However, Mr. Goodman could take the time to type 70 words to pound his chest that he is not afraid of some random dude who posts stuff on twitter, all the while (I will believe) unintentionally promoting their site. How about, instead, a link to a real article and two or three insightful paragraphs about how these types of thoughts are becoming more common and that freedom of the press is the only door that keeps the Barbarians out?

    This post can be summarized in one headline: Racist Twitter Feed Threatens Violence Against Those They Don’t Like. Wow. Stop the presses on that one. This post, by act of omission of any context or opinion, gives legitimacy to this hate organization. No comment from your journalist about all of the other racist posts on this twitter feed, but now that they are talking about HIM, well, this can’t stand! Your journalist has a great case of They Came For Them, But I Wasn’t One Of Them, Then They Came For Me Syndrome. Which, come to think of it, would have been an intriguing and contemplative few paragraphs in your publication.

    Thank you, Mr. Allison, for taking the time to consider my take on this issue.