A Discussion About Barbecue Covers

But what do I know?

As I pointed out earlier, Texas Monthly has a new barbecue list that strikes me as controversial for the sake of being controversial (a point proven by this post?). But let us focus on the cover itself. Here’s a comparison of TxMo’s last barbecue cover, from 2013 (far left), with the current cover and D Magazine’s cover from last year. Who wore it best? (I’ll tip my hand by saying that the cover in the middle is a crime against meat and that its author should be ground up, mixed with peppery seasoning, and stuffed into lamb intestines).


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  • OldLakeHighlander

    That “image” is what New Yorkers think Texas BBQ looks like. Truly an abomination.

  • MattL1

    I don’t know. I kinda like it. Especially sneaking the white plastic fork in there.

  • GlennHunter

    It’s a spoof on the great Dutch still life food paintings, isn’t it? If so it’s sort of amusing.

    • That’s my point. You have to ask the question. Which means it’s an intellectual ploy. Which means it’s not a smart move. SHOW THE MEAT. Another way of saying: “Keep it simple, stupid.”


      Pictures of same.

      Maybe sauce.


      • billmarvel

        “Keep it simple, stupid.” Only if you assume your readers are stupid.

    • One more thought: I’ll bet you $100 that this is the worst-selling BBQ TxMo cover in the last decade. Game?

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  • I’m afraid I don’t understand your question.

    • there are many readers that got Tim’s back on anything…Tim has had Barrett’s back for years….All of those that stand with Barrett back those that support him.