Why Is Jacquielynn Floyd Writing About Bill O’Reilly?

I guess I continue to not understand what 'Metro' means.

Today’s paper brings us another offering from Jacquielynn Floyd that I do not understand. I explored in an earlier post her tendency to wander aimlessly far afield in search of material for her Metro column. Her latest is about Bill O’Reilly. Her point, if I get it, is that O’Reilly is a creep and Fox should have fired him long ago. Not only does that opinion not break even a thimble’s worth of new ground, but 100 other outlets across the country this morning are publishing carbon copies of it. Give me something about Dallas, please.

Even harder to understand, Floyd didn’t mention that O’Reilly used to work in Dallas. Here’s some delightful video of his work for WFAA Channel 8. You know what would have made for a good Metro column? Call some of the local folks who worked with him. They’d tell you that O’Reilly was a big jerk back in the ’70s. At the very least, they’d tell you stories about Dallas. Call David Margulies. He worked with O’Reilly. Call Tracy Rowlett. He got into a fight with O’Reilly. Call Ed Bark, for goodness’ sake. He wrote about some of this in 2007. He knows lots of TV folks in Dallas. He’s a cheerful guy who is always happy to help.

The phones at the Morning News must be down. That’s all I can figure. 


  • DubiousBrother

    She could have at least mimicked O’Reilly’s style and done an “interview” by asking and answering the questions.

  • Wes Mantooth

    How is it that with all of the other writers that have been furloughed, severed, laid off, fired, or otherwise laid asunder, Jacquielynn Floyd still has a job writing this drivel for a living? Does she have some really nasty dirt on upper management? Or maybe, like half of the Formula One racing drivers, she is actually paying the DMN to publish her columns. I like that idea better, actually. She is the Pastor Maldonado of the DMN.

  • bmslaw

    So, with so many REAL issues in Dallas ripe for reporting/investigation/outrage, you have selected one of the daily newspaper’s columnists as worthy of your spotlight? If she is so irrelevant, why are you spending time critiquing her? Is Floyd your new crusade? With all due respect, if you can’t find more pertinent subjects to explore, stick to your lists of doctors, lawyers, restaurants, and bars. At least they pay for advertising.

    • Thank you for your comment. No, Floyd is not my new crusade. As I pointed out, her work has troubled me for some time.

  • Happy Bennett

    For reasons which are beyond me, DMN has sqaundered several opportunities to utilize brighter or at least “edgier” interesting talent. I guess that’s why you guys are here.

  • Marcus

    “He’s a cheerful guy who is always happy to help”

    Timothy, that’s not playing very nice.