Hello from Chris Muldoon.


New Podcast: The Man Who Saved Buzz Aldrin’s Life in the South Pole

He also happens to be Tim Rogers' cousin, but don't let that dissuade you from clicking.

Chances are you won’t know the name Chris Muldoon. Why would you? He lives in Seattle, but has spent significant amounts of time in places like Antarctica. He’s a Dallas native, and cousin to one Tim Rogers—yet nepotism isn’t the reason he sat across from Tim and Zac at the Old Monk on Thursday afternoon. Muldoon has saved Buzz Aldrin’s life in the South Pole. He’s survived being lost atop Mount Hood in the middle of a snowstorm. He’s touched down on all seven continents. He’s a medic. He’s saved a group of elderly women from pot-induced panic attacks. To boot, he’s a pretty solid writer. Which is to say, he’s infinitely more interesting than his cousin. But don’t take my word for it. The proof is in the Earburner.

Show notes:

  1. I can imagine a downtown in the not-so-distant future that is split between AT&T and Tim Headington. The telecom giant got the go-ahead from the city council to rework the streets around its headquarters in the city center. It has to be for more than a port cochère, right?
  1. Dallas passed its cite and release ordinance this week. Here’s me on the nuts bolts and Barrett on the political theater of the deal. It is not decriminalization. It saves a trip to jail and cuts out the bail bondsman.
  1. This is my favorite photo of former Denver Nuggets owner Stan Kroenke. This is a close second.
  1. Tim asked how Buzz Aldrin was doing. This GQ feature, from 2014, was published two years before he almost died, but I think it’s mostly still up to date. It’s also fantastic.
  2. This story says frostbite occurs within five minutes at -50. So you can imagine what happens at -82.
  3. Here’s the news story about Buzz Aldrin’s near death experience.
  4. And if you scroll down a bit, you can read about Chris’ near death experience on Mount Hood.
  5. This isn’t glitter.
  6. Should you want to send Tim a glitter bomb, though, here’s the address: 750 N. St. Paul St. 2100. 75215.