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Miguel Solis Decides Not to Run Against Pete Sessions

He's afraid of a former football player. Obviously.
By Tim Rogers |
Solis (without hair) speaks to unknown taller gentleman while strolling the streets of downtown Dallas.
Solis (without hair) speaks to unknown taller gentleman while strolling the streets of downtown Dallas.

Early this morning, Gromer Jeffers broke the news that Colin Allred, a civil rights attorney and former NFL player, will run for Pete Sessions’ seat. Jeffers mentioned that DISD trustee Miguel Solis might also run. But Solis, who only ever advanced to the flag-football high-school intramural level of competition (it’s true), this afternoon formally announced that he’s not running. Here’s his statement:

Family, Friends, and Neighbors,

After much prayer and serious consideration to pursue a bid to unseat Pete Sessions, I have decided that I will not make a run this cycle. Though this decision is not easy, I ultimately know that my commitment to my family, my job, and the constituents I am honored to serve is what is needed of me at this moment.

With my decision now made, I feel it is important for you to know why I considered this race and what the emerging Democratic primary field must focus on if we are to be successful in 2018.

A lot of things changed for my neighbors and me on November 8, and quite frankly, we’re very concerned about the direction of our country. Every day I am dumbfounded as to what I witness coming out of Congress and the White House. Divisive politics are causing people to lose faith in their institutions. Civility has left our national discourse. Alternative facts are designed to confuse and distract while horrible policies are being proposed and enacted without rigorous discussion or debate. Fundamental American traditions and values are being reversed both at home and abroad. And here in Texas 32, when I talk to my neighbors at their kitchen tables, we all agree that in a time of crisis, our congressman is at best staying silent on Trump policies and at worst leading the efforts to pass them.

What we need from our representative is someone who will help fix the real issues that impact our lives daily like preserving and improving our current healthcare system, pushing back on unconstitutional travel bans and the vilification of peace loving Muslims and immigrants, protecting the Texas economy, supporting women’s rights, making sure kids are ready for college or a career, and creating common sense economic policies that work for everyday Texans, not a select few. Leadership has never been needed more than now, and unfortunately, we have a lack of leadership in Washington. And it is time that this changed.

Though we currently live in tough political times, going through this process has been extremely uplifting. I have talked to hundreds of Texas 32 residents who give me hope about the future of our state and country. Whether it’s lawyers banding together to support refugees seeking safety in America, students of all walks of life coming together to show support for communities currently threatened by Trump policies, or diverse coalitions joining each other in advocating for their rights and the rights of others at town halls, I am certain that together we can reclaim the values that have always made our nation great so long as we tap into the great people power of our district.

Finally, I want to thank the many people who encouraged me to consider this race. Your support throughout this process has been amazing. I wish the best of luck to the many candidates that seek to turn Texas 32 blue and I look forward to helping ensure we restore leadership in Washington.


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