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Leading Off (4/5/17)

Mostly serious news, but also an item about Chuck Norris.
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Frisco Man Shoots Door-to-Door Salesman. Homeowner Radu Chivu, who has several signs in his yard warning trespassers and solicitors, has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after shooting a 44-year-old roofing salesman yesterday afternoon. The salesman was taken to a hospital, his condition unknown. Last week’s hailstorms took a toll on Frisco roofs, so it was no surprise to Chivu’s neighbors that contractors were walking door-to-door trying to drum up business.

McKinney Doctor Accused of Sexual Assault. Dr. Donald Ozumba is charged with sexual assault after two patients have come forward claiming the surgeon touched them inappropriately. In one case, a sports-injury patient claims Ozumba used his finger to penetrate her vagina, under the pretense that he needed to “check for internal fluid,” while her own husband was in the room. Also of concern: Ozumba volunteered as a team physician for several Dallas-area schools.

John Wiley Price Will Not Get a Mistrial. His lawyers asked for one after the prosecution failed to share all evidence relating to two key witnesses. Judge Barbara Lynn denied a mistrial, but admonished the prosecution, seeing as they’ve had years to get this right, and is allowing the defense to re-question the witnesses.

State Senate Passes Resolution Giving Chuck Norris Texan Status. While also voting on campus rape laws, tuition freezes, and financial aid set-asides, the Texas Senate managed to carve out some time Tuesday to make the butt-kicking Oklahoman an honorary Texan.

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