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Leading Off (4/26/17)

The John Wiley Price jury is deadlocked, cafeteria ladies might be the biggest bullies in North Texas schools, and McKinney patios are now fur-baby friendly.

John Wiley Price Jury Deadlocked. Price is up against 11 counts (bribery, mail fraud, income tax evasion, more on that here). After five days of deliberations, the jury told Judge Lynn that they can’t agree on a verdict for all 11. It could be one count in question, it could be several. It could be one juror deadlocked, it could be several. All we know is the jury was sent back to their rooms at about 3:30 pm yesterday afternoon with the instructions to watch mindless television. If they can’t come to an agreement in the next few days, it’s possible that a mistrial will be declared on the deadlocked counts, and the state will have to decide whether to try Price again.

A Happy Doc Tale. Lately there’s been Dr. Death, the alleged orthopedic groper, Wee Wee and her booty injections—not to mention this horrifying story about a bad batch of eye medicine  causing indefinite blindness—so it’s pretty refreshing to see some smiling faces and successful surgeries attached to a medical story. Godspeed, Marcos and Tamirat.

Which North Texas Schools Shame Kids in the Lunch Line? Denton, Fort Worth, Richardson, and Irving ISDs all have practices that shame students who don’t have money in their cafeteria accounts. On Thursday, a bill introduced by DeSoto state Rep. Helen Giddings to give kids a two-week grace period will go up before a committee. However, one Texas teacher, who took on the cause after watching a cashier dump a broke 4-year-old’s lunch in the trash, says two weeks isn’t enough. So, I don’t know, when exactly is it appropriate to trash a kid’s lunch—perhaps their only warm meal of the day—in front of all their friends?

Pooches Now Welcome on McKinney Patios. A city variance was passed last week giving McKinney restaurants the option to allow pets on patios. An incident involving an illegal dog’s birthday party at Dempsey’s Place got the ball rolling.


  • Pol Pot

    I used to cause 4 year olds to go hungry all the time in Democratic Kampuchea back in the 1970’s. Looks like I was just ahead of my time.
    –Brother Number One