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Leading Off (4/19/17)

Hackers target mediocre breakfast joint and jury deliberation in John Wiley Price trial begins today.

Jury Deliberation Begins in John Wiley Price Trial. Today, jurors will start discussing whether they believe the prosecution’s flawed case, that Price accepted more than $1 million worth of bribes, or whether they buy into the defense’s story, that Price didn’t disclose the payments because they were loan repayments that don’t need to be reported to the IRS.

Toddler-Tossing Daycare Worker Turns Herself In. Jazmine Torres could end up in jail for two years if convicted of endangering a child. Also note: The daycare she worked for, the Children’s Courtyard in Plano, racked up 29 violations in the past two years. Here’s how to look up those numbers for every daycare in the state.

Hackers Crack Another Broken Egg’s Customer Credit Card Info. Heads up if you paid for your breakfast with a credit card at the Addison location from January 28 to March 8 and March 14-20. Hackers managed to steal credit card information by posing as software service reps.

Dallas Morning News Editor Mike Wilson Answered Hundreds of Questions During Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything.” Here are the DMN’s highlights from yesterday’s session, plus the full AMA. Some of the questions he did not answer include: “Do you listen to 1310 the Ticket?” “Why don’t you have younger columnists in the Metro?” and “Is Story the worst name ever given to a dog, or is it ABSOLUTELY the most terrible name ever given to a dog in the history of dogs?” (Relevant side note: If anyone ever wondered if D Magazine had an entire archive called “Dog names better than Story,” the answer is, yes, we do.)