Leading Off

Leading Off (4/13/17)

Pension rescue bill moves forward, emergency sirens get upgrades, and more.

Police and Fire Pension System Rescue Bill Moves Forward. Yesterday, the bill passed in the House Pensions Committee unanimously and will now move to the full House. “This bill is balanced with both sides sacrificing benefits and financial support to do the right thing. This is about the 10,000 Police and Fire families that deserve our help, support and respect for their service. I will not let them down and will continue to work with both sides to continue to improve the legislation and close the gap between both sides,” said the bill’s author, State Rep. Dan Flynn.

Upgrades to Emergency Sirens Will Cost Dallas $100,000. The siren system, which was hacked Friday night and which kept us all awake for hours, is getting $100,000 of security upgrades from West Shore Services, approved by the city council. City officials believe the system was hacked locally. City manager T.C. Broadnax said he was also going to hire an outside consultant to review all of the city’s vulnerabilities, like the 911 call center.

John Wiley Price Defense CPA Says Prosecution Left Out Financial Transactions. According to the defense expert, these 58 transactions between Price and his chief of staff, Dapheny Fain, make it evident that she was repaying loans and not aiding Price in avoiding taxes.

Downtown Streets Changing to Keep AT&T There. AT&T’s staying in downtown Dallas was contingent upon the alteration of a few streets. Yesterday, the city council agreed to close two streets, narrow another, and convert two others to have two-way traffic. Among these changes is the shrinking of Commerce Street from four lanes to three on a certain stretch. Yay, traffic.

Former Chief Brown Now Employed by Security Consulting Firm. The retired DPD police chief is now the managing director of investigations and disputes practice at a New York security consulting firm, Kroll. This is in addition to his position as contributor for ABC News.