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Leading Off (4/12/17)

A Fort Worth woman's mysterious death, more accusations against a McKinney doc, and no, Romo did not play in last night's Mav's game.
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Young Woman Strangled Near TCU. The mother of 22-year-old Molly Matheson found her daughter strangled to death in the bathroom of her garage apartment two blocks north of the TCU campus. Neighbors are eagerly awaiting news of a suspect.

More Accusations Against McKinney Doctor. The story of Dr. Donald Ozumba broke last week, and unsurprisingly, four more women have come forward with similar stories since then. In most cases, the women claim the orthopedic surgeon touched or penetrated their vaginas with his fingers, which is not normal for treating most medical conditions, but especially not for one such as knee pain.

DFW Dropping $1M to Triple Its Outlets. Hopefully you won’t have to crouch on the floor of a dusty corner two gates down to plug in your iPhone ever again.

No Romo. I watched a half-hour of last night’s Mavs game in anticipation even though my husband was out for the evening and I could have otherwise been rewatching Felicity or trimming my own bangs. But you know what, my at-home fringe trims always lead to an awkward 3-week regrowth phase no matter how many online tutorials I watch, so whatever, I’m not even mad Romo didn’t give the chanting crowd what they wanted.

Free Grilled Cheese at Norma’s Today. To celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day, the café is offering free Gabe’s Big Tasty sandwiches, which I would argue is not truly a grilled cheese since there’s a giant hunk of Buffalo fried chicken shoved in along with the mac-and-cheese, jalapenos, and bacon. Gonna stop looking this gift horse in the mouth now.

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