John Wiley Price Found Not Guilty on Seven Counts

The jury was deadlocked on the remaining four charges.

Our March 1991 cover
Our March 1991 cover

John Wiley Price this morning was acquitted on seven of the 11 charges against him. He beat the bribery and mail fraud stuff (counts one through seven); the jury was deadlocked on the tax issues (charges eight through 11). If the feds want to, they can retry Price on those four remaining charges. If they do, I suggest they find someone other than Assistant U.S. Attorneys Walt Junker, Katherine Miller, and Chad Meacham to do the work. Those are the four prosecutors that Judge Barbara Lynn repeatedly chastised for sloppy lawyering. Those are the four prosecutors who had a safe full of hundred dollars bills, $225,000 in total, and they still couldn’t make their case to the jury.

John Wiley Price. Man, you gotta hand it to him.