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Grammar Fight: Catty Corner, Kitty Corner, or Kiss My Fat Cat

Is it better to be right or to cater to the masses? You decide.
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This is how the latest grammar fight went down:

Zac: “Who wrote cayter-corner in this otherwise brilliantly written piece by Holland about coworking spaces?”

Kathy: “I did.”

Zac: “Cayter-corner?”

Kathy: “It’s spelled cater-corner but pronounced catter-corner.”

Holland: “I wrote kitty-corner.”

Kathy: “I changed it because Webster’s first is cater-corner.”

Zac: “Nobody says cater-corner. I’ve never even heard of cater-corner.”

Kathy: “Kitty-corner and catty-corner are bastardizations. The term originates from the Latin quattuor, meaning four-cornered, hence located on the diagonal. Southerners just started mispronouncing it in the 1800s.”

Holland: “I’d be OK with catty-corner.”

Kathy: “Cats have nothing to do with it.”

Zac: “They sit diagonally from me all the time. I’m changing it to catty-corner.”

Holland: “I think I usually say catty-corner, but in my head it was always spelled with a ‘k.'”

Tim: “Did somebody say catfight?”