'Oblivion 17': Hailed for its 'strong ... strange' power.

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Dallas Arts Month: A Time for Reflection

Pondering the existential meaning of a powerful new work called 'Oblivion 17.'

This being Dallas Arts Month, with so much inspiration surrounding us at every turn, it seemed like an excellent time to stop and consider what art means in our lives. For me, such a period of reflection came after encountering the new piece above, titled Oblivion 17.

One art expert, obviously moved, hailed Oblivion’s “strong, sure technique,” as well as the “existential questions” raised by the work. Wrote another: “It seems to grab you in your gut—teasing, taunting, tantalizing with its strange power, until you’re spent, like a discarded dishrag, realizing that whatever you thought you knew before you saw it was all a lie.”

Not really. Actually, the photo above shows what happened when my wife accidentally spilled a container of Hidden Valley Original Ranch dip on the door of our black refrigerator. But, I have to agree: it did have a strange power. Especially the smell.