Willard Spiegelman Has Another Book

The soon-to-be-former Dallasite's latest collection is titled If You See Something, Say Something.

I guess I thought the former SMU professor and editor of the Southwest Review — and only person I’ve ever seen ask an Old Monk waitress (successfully) (twice, I think) to go buy him potato chips from the store next door — had already moved away, as soon as he retired from SMU. Or maybe I thought that, then found out differently, then forgot, then re-thought it. I don’t know. I have a lot of balls in the air, man. But it looks like, from this, that the dapper onetime D Magazine contributor is officially selling his condo and moving away to a split existence in New York and Connecticut.

To celebrate that, you should buy his latest book, If You See Something, Say Something: A Writer Looks at Art, which collects 45 of his Wall Street Journal columns; it was put together by SMU’s DeGolyer Library. If you feel like that’s not enough of a tribute, compliment someone on their “dungarees,” because Spiegelman might be the last person to refer to jeans by that word.


  • Sarah

    NO!!! Day ruined, Zac. Spiegelman was by far the most influential professor I had at SMU. Love him and hate to see him leave Dallas.