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Watch Barrett Brown Smoke in Video Produced by Reason

I.M. Pei's Dallas City Hall never looked so imposing.

Barrett Brown will be along in a bit with a report from yesterday’s City Council meeting. To tide you over, I offer the below video, posted yesterday to Reason’s site. It’s about 19 minutes long. If you don’t have the time right now to watch the entire thing, do yourself the favor and watch the first few minutes. You will get to see Barrett thoughtfully smoking his robot cigarette while he loiters outside City Hall. Then there’s a good shot of him loitering in the D Magazine lobby, which is followed by a shot of him thoughtfully drinking coffee at his desk (which desk he was recently booted from, forced to relocate to the area of the office where the women from D Home make their magazine (I’ve yet to hear complaints from them, but one never knows; they might just be too afraid to complain)).