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New Reality Show Looking For Cowboys and Cowgirls

Yeah, I know, it's a stereotype. But bear with me: Mark Long from Road Rules is involved.

A few minutes ago, I got a call from Mark Long. You may know him as the tall guy with the tall hair from the inaugural season of MTV’s Road Rules, or following that, many seasons of The Challenge, which I legitimately consider one of America’s major sports. This guy. Now he’s a casting director in LA, and he’s trying to find people for a new reality show.

“We’re looking for fun, outgoing twentysomethings that still live that cowboy culture and lifestyle — the guy that wears that cowboy hat every day, or the girl that dates the cowboy or wears the belt buckle,” he says. “We just want them to be fun, outgoing, and, you know, just not a stick in the mud. We want them to be cool characters.”

Long says it’s going to be for a network and they’re hoping to find a cast in the next few weeks.

“If you’re not the person, but you know someone — it’s definitely happening, and we’re just trying to find a good group of those country, cowboy-ish boys or girls. Twentysomethings — you know, we don’t 50-year-old cowboys auditioning. Although that might be a good show itself.”

Here’s the flyer with all the relevant contact info.

Cowboy ShowI know you’re probably saying: “Zac, why are you shilling for a GD cowboy show? Shouldn’t you be, no pun intended, bucking that stereotype? You know what, can I be totally honest — that pun was very much intended. I love puns! I’m not even sorry. Wait. What were we talking about again?”

Normally, yeah, you might be right. But Long knows what makes for good reality shows; he’s been part of some of the most addictive entries in the genre. And as far as stereotypes go, I’d much rather have America’s TV viewers focus on the cowboy thing — plus, couldn’t they get some pretty exciting cast members from an average night at the Round-Up? — than, say, $30,000 millionaires or wannabe J.R. Ewings.