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New Podcast: S. Holland Murphy on Writing About Motherhood in the Age of Facebook Mommy Shamers

It's tough out there.

This week we talk to one of our own. S. Holland Murphy is an associate editor at D Magazine. She’s new to the magazine game. Before joining us, Holland worked as a copywriter at JCPenney. So she wasn’t prepared for the social-media blowback she got to a piece she wrote in D about leaving her kid alone in a movie theater, ever so briefly. We talked with Holland about what that felt like, about the need for writers in the age of Facebook to have a thick skin, and about her very unprofitable breast milk consulting business.

As always, you can listen through the player below or you can download the episode with your favorite podcatcher. Give EarBurner some star love on iTunes, if you have a minute. On with the show notes:

1. Holland is the co-host of EarBurner’s sister Podcast, BraBurner, which needs to get going again because it is terrific. Here’s onehere’s anotherand one more, because it’s Friday and you can listen.

2. Here is where Tim almost got in a fight after a rogue SUV hit his dog and tried to speed off. And here’s a picture of Katie Dog Rogers:Katie

3. This is Holland’s piece on leaving her child in a movie theater to grab him a hot dog. I’m not going to bother linking to the comments.

4. The full title is Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

5. If you must, here’s the Facebook tar and feathering.

6. Holland took the high road, and wrote this brilliant rebuttal to all of her haters.

7. If you’d like some background on Holland’s breastfeeding consulting gig, head here.



  • Happy Bennett

    Seriously– kids like a moment of solitude. My brother deliberately locked my grandmother out of the house while my parents were on a well deserved vacation from all of us when we were just a young cartel of troublemakers.. Needless to say granny was not available for further baby sitting services…. (on another note–I hope that Katie is OK…)