Leading Off

Leading Off (3/2/17)

FBI accountant testifies at Price trial, Barbara Bush stands with Planned Parenthood, and more.

FBI Accountant Testifies About Deposits Received by John Wiley Price. FBI accountant David Garcia testified for the prosecution yesterday that, over a decade, Dallas County Commissioner Price did receive $1 million from lobbyist Kathy Nealy in the form of cash, checks, and bank transfers to bribe him. Garcia said Price used that money to pay his credit cards and mortgage, among other things.

Barbara Bush Stands with Planned Parenthood. The former first daughter was the keynote speaker at an annual Planned Parenthood fundraiser yesterday at the Omni Fort Worth Hotel. The luncheon raised more than $400,000. “I am proud to stand with Planned Parenthood not only because women, regardless of where they are from, deserve to live dignified, healthy lives, [but] … because it’s a really good investment. We know that when women are healthy, their families and their children are healthier, too,” Bush said.

Mumps Makes the Rounds at Dallas County High School. At Cedar Hill High School, 23 students and staff have been diagnosed with mumps in the past few weeks, and nine other cases are being investigated. The health department wants everyone at the school to get another dose of the vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella, in addition to the two doses they’ve already had.


  • Happy Bennett

    I wish that I didn’t have to point out that “health care” services at PP are very limited specifically to birth control and less than comprehensive treatment of certain sexually transmitted diseases. PP could offer diagnostic services but simply never has, and in my experience, PP does not even have the appropriate healthcare staffing to know what to do with positive results of diagnostic examinations they refer to other practitioners. PP is not a good example of a “women’s health care” provider. The CEO, however makes quite a high annual salary and has no medical training. It’s odd that such a high profile organization has been given a pass by much of the media…

  • Happy Bennett

    PP simply does not offer routine community standard comprehensive women’s health care services, IMPO–(although it is generally implied that they do). Mammogram “referral”” is not, for example, an in house service. ( By most community and insurance company standards routine mammogram is considered a basic women’s health service) “Referral” by definition means that the patient is directed to another facility. Some of their “diagnostics” are offered “online”–(whatever that means). My own 20 years of personal experience as one to whom the referrals are directed is that staff at PP has little idea how to handle positive results and this is problematic in the spectrum of good patient care.