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Leading Off (3/15/17)

The T-Mobile problem has come to a head, imam Omar Suleiman threatened by Isis, and the "bathroom bill" passes.

Baby Dies During 911 Clusterf#[email protected], T-Mobile Finally Sending in Big Guns. Last week I linked to a WFAA-8 report about a malfunction causing T-Mobile phones to call 911 multiple times, thus clogging up Dallas’ emergency system. And Saturday, a baby boy died while his babysitter tried to call for help. Authorities can’t say the T-Mobile problem is directly linked to the infant’s death, but the incident was enough to get city manager T.C. Broadnax on the phone with T-Mobile CEO John Legere. Legere says he’s sending out his top engineers to resolve the malfunction. Broadnax says Dallas is bumping up the number of call center staff until the issue is fixed.

Omar Suleiman Threatened by ISIS. The charismatic Irving imam who rebukes extremism (and who Zac Crain has called “the religious leader Dallas needs right now”) says he is now speaking with FBI officials after he received death threats via videos that appear to be produced by ISIS.

Bathroom Bill Passes. The bill requiring people to use the restroom matching their biological sex applies to public schools, universities, and government buildings. It was tentatively passed yesterday, and becomes official today. Phew. When a mustachioed man walks into the same restroom as me, I’m going to thank the Texas Senate for thinking of my safety.

106-Year-Old Woman Knows How to Game the System. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from reading this story about the 106-year-old Texas Rangers super fan who’s thrown a first pitch, gets shuttled to any game she wants, and gets free Dr Pepper because she professed to drinking three of them a day, it’s that the the older you get, the more free stuff people throw your way if you talk about it enough. That’s reason to live, right? Happy birthday, Ms. Sullivan.