Leading Off

Leading Off (3/14/17)

Happy Pi Day.

Federal Prosecutors Continue to Build Bribery Conspiracy Case Against John Wiley Price. On Monday, prosecutors showed close ties between John Wiley Price and his political consultant, Kathy Nealy. The defense argued that any payments made were for unrelated expenses.

Bag of Undelivered Mail Dumped in Oak Cliff. Don Sutton lives near West Clarendon Drive and South Zang Boulevard. He reported seeing a mail truck parked near his house about 5:15 p.m. It drove off 15 minutes later, but, in a surprising turn of events for the reasonably popular guy, he hadn’t received any mail. When he was blowing leaves out of his yard later that evening, he discovered about 100 pieces of mail scattered by the creek.

Score a $3.14 Pizza for Pi Day. Blaze Pizza is offering $3.14 pizzas, Your Pie in Frisco will sell pizzas and craft beers for $3.14, and a slice of pizza at Greenville Avenue Pizza Company will be $3.14. If you actually care about the science, Norma’s Cafe will donate a portion of all sales today to the School for the Talented and Gifted’s robotics team.