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Is Anyone Else Scandalized by the Cowgirl Museum’s Logo?

The first time I saw the Fort Worth institution’s branding work, I thought a teen had graffitied a display.

I’ve been waiting for an appropriate moment to bring this up, like another scandal over a questionable pencil skirt doodle. I’d jump in here on FrontBurner to say, yeah, but have you seen this crazy thing? Yet this thing has been in my back pocket for a while now, and the perfect time has still not arisen. And life is short. You just never know. When I go to my nail salon tomorrow to de-winterize my toes, I could catch a flesh-eating bacteria from an imported cuticle nipper and leave this earth without ever knowing:

Am I the only one who thinks National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame’s logo looks like a…



…not exactly a flower, nor a spur?

…I mean, why did they have to make the stem pink?

…It brings a whole other meaning to the term “graphic design,” am I wrong?

National Cowgirl Museum Logo


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  • No, you actually are the only one.

  • T_S_

    Looks like someone checked “yes” to the flower option

  • PeterTx52

    some folks try to find meaning in every little thing. stick to reading tea leaves

    • TexasWiseguy

      But what is it supposed to be? Looks more like a mutated flower than the neck and rowels of a spur…

  • Brandon


  • EricCeleste

    Is your question, “Does it look like a penis inside a 9-vagina kaleidoscope?” If so, then your answer is yes.

    • S. Holland Murphy

      Exactly. I have a ladylike image to uphold, so I didn’t feel like I could come right out and say that.

      • EricCeleste

        Of course it does. Ignore these people.

    • RAB

      “9-vagina”? So jealous of that penis.

  • C Newman


  • Bizarro BigTex

    Now that you’ve pointed that out, I can’t stop looking at it. And I feel very dirty right now. I thought FrontBurner was a family safe site.

    • Wes Mantooth

      Then you must have never seen the Who’s Dallas’ Hottest Anchor Gal back in the day. And by “in the day,” I mean before Wick shut down the commentariat the first time. Tim remembers. Pepperidge Farm remembers.

  • tested123

    My wife says: “a flower with a stem?”. So…Yes, you are the only one.

    • S. Holland Murphy

      Judging by the number of people who have emailed me or stopped by my desk here at D, I know that I’m definitely not the only one who thinks this logo is extremely phallic and totally ridiculous. I’m just brave or maybe dumb enough to admit it publicly.

  • Dave Roybal

    yes, you’re wrong.

  • S. Holland Murphy

    I’ve been, which is why and how I saw the logo in the first place. (See the subhead: I saw the logo on a museum display and thought it was graffiti.) Lovely place. Totally recommend. But the logo is terrible. Thanks for reading, though. Glad to have some women represent in the comments (it seems to usually be male dominated around here). And, also, I have nothing against Fort Worth. I worked in the city for years. Please read my profile on Four Day Weekend: