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Is Anyone Else Scandalized by the Cowgirl Museum’s Logo?

The first time I saw the Fort Worth institution’s branding work, I thought a teen had graffitied a display.

I’ve been waiting for an appropriate moment to bring this up, like another scandal over a questionable pencil skirt doodle. I’d jump in here on FrontBurner to say, yeah, but have you seen this crazy thing? Yet this thing has been in my back pocket for a while now, and the perfect time has still not arisen. And life is short. You just never know. When I go to my nail salon tomorrow to de-winterize my toes, I could catch a flesh-eating bacteria from an imported cuticle nipper and leave this earth without ever knowing:

Am I the only one who thinks National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame’s logo looks like a…



…not exactly a flower, nor a spur?

…I mean, why did they have to make the stem pink?

…It brings a whole other meaning to the term “graphic design,” am I wrong?

National Cowgirl Museum Logo