The Joule's Taschen Library manager, Erin Johnson


Bedside Books from Erin Johnson at The Joule’s Taschen Library

The shopgirl-slash-bookworm tells us what she's been reading.

I first met Erin Johnson last fall when Kathy Wise and I strolled into the Joule’s Taschen Library to shop for D Magazine‘s gift guide. Johnson was wearing a fabulous fur shrug that I’d never be able to pull off on an average workday, and she whisked us from shelf to shelf, giving us tidbits on the latest and greatest Taschen tomes. She obviously knew every book in the shop. I’ve been curious to know what Johnson reads (on her own time) ever since. So I asked her.

Come to find, Johnson isn’t married to any particular genre. She’ll read YA, Hollywood tell-alls, and she’s a huge fan of Margaret Atwood. “Anything that looks interesting,” says Johnson. So does that mean she judges books by their covers? “Absolutely.”

Click through to see which ones have caught her eye as of late.