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Vote For The Ultimate Dallas Reality TV Star

LeeAnne Locken or Mark Cuban? Courtney Kerr or Jake Pavelka? The choice is yours.

Perhaps our reputation precedes us, but reality television and its producers are obsessed with Dallas. Big personalities make for a great story line, and since reality TV’s explosion in popularity throughout the late ’90s and early 2000s, our city has generated more small-screen “stars” than Simon Cowell eye rolls.

Through March 6, vote here as often as you’d like on a series of head-to-head matchups among memorable reality stars from throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Your decisions determine the ranking, which will update live as more and more votes are cast.

Each time, you’ll be asked who should win the round. Treat it like a first impression rose: choose wisely with instinct.

Vote Here For The Ultimate Dallas Reality Star


How We Did It

Much has changed since we last tackled this in 2011. It was a simpler time with fewer Dallasite Bachelor contestants and no sign of the Real Housewives. We started, of course, with our personal favorites and guilty pleasures. Some names came easy (Sean Lowe, Kelly Clarkson), while others required a bit of research. We made cuts along the way, trimming the final list to 60 contenders.

“Ultimate” is a relative term, and you’re free to interpret it however you will. But for our purposes, we considered a person qualified to make the list if:

  1. They were born, grew up, or lived within the Dallas-Fort Worth area for a significant amount of time,
  2. Their reality TV tenure was colorful, memorable, or compelling in some way, and/or
  3. They have done something of significance since their show(s) aired.

Mostly, this contest is for fun. Where else can you test your preferences for Mark Cuban and LeeAnne Locken?

If you think there has been a glaring oversight regarding someone who we should have kept in the running but who isn’t on our 60-person list, let us know.

Email me your suggestion. We’ll consider it, and if we agree, we’ll add this “star” to the contest.