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Recipe Oak Cliff Aims to Change the Food Landscape in Southern Dallas

Founder Tisha Crear is bringing healthier options to the area.

The ZIP code of 75216 in southern Dallas is now home to a fresh food co-op and juice bar, planted in an area that has otherwise been a food desert. Tisha Crear, who founded Recipe Oak Cliff near the Dallas Zoo, wanted to create something in contrast to what you normally see on a street corner with a convenience store, liquor store, and cash loan shop, according to the Dallas Business Journal. After the Embrey Family Foundation invested in the concept through the Community Fund at The Real Estate Council, Crear was able to make this “food security house” happen.

The idea was to build a healthier business hub model in the area, including a juice bar and market, test kitchen and incubator space for local health food businesses, and health-focused cooking classes. Pretty cool.

Recipe Oak Cliff is open Thursday-Saturday at 1831 S. Ewing Ave.