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Leading Off (2/8/17)

Resolutions, bills, and scandals galore.
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Dallas County Commissioners Approve “Welcoming Community” Resolution. Yesterday the Dallas County Commissioners voted 4-to-1 in favor of a non-binding resolution (not an actual law) declaring Dallas a welcoming community to documented and undocumented immigrants. Supporters noted the resolution does not make Dallas a “sanctuary,” yet the one vote against the resolution came from the commission’s only Republican, Mike Cantrell, who argued that it “paints a bullseye on Dallas County.” And why does he think could Dallas be a target? Because also yesterday…

The Texas Senate Gives Preliminary Approval to Senate Bill 4. The bill, sometimes known as the “anti-sanctuary city bill,” will likely be finalized today before going onto the House. The bill could jail a government official or cut funds and impose fines for a government agency that “adopts, enforces, or endorses a policy under which the entity prohibits or discourages the enforcement of immigration laws or, by consistent actions, prohibits or discourages the enforcement of immigration laws.” Opponents to the bill are afraid, among other issues, that it will encourage peace officers to act as immigration police and promote “stop and frisk” profiling. However, one line in the bill reads: “A peace officer may not stop a motor vehicle or conduct a search of a business or residence solely to enforce a federal law relating to immigrants or immigration.”

Rockwall Sheriff’s Meeting with Trump Sparks Another Resolution. Members of the Texas Senate are circulating a resolution that demands the president proceed with “the civility and decorum that are essential to a functioning democracy.” The resolution is a response to an odd situation: During a meeting between President Trump and county sheriffs on Tuesday, the Rockwall sheriff expressed his displeasure with the politics of an unnamed Texas senator. Trump’s response was an offer to “destroy” the senator’s career. The Rockwall sheriff says he did not take the president’s offer literally, but democrats in the Texas Senate are not happy.

Dallas Police Applications Up 50 Percent From This Time Last Year. The number of applicants is still up after surging in the weeks following the attack on July 7. Before the attack, numbers were bleak. A headline from last May: “Dallas police struggle to hire; academy classes canceled.”

Distinguished DISD Teacher Fired for Porn Past. Resa Woodward was nominated for Teacher of the Year during 11 of her 15 years teaching, but when the district found out she had once been in porn films, Woodward was fired. Woodward says she was 19 when her abusive husband coerced her into pornography and has long since turned her life around. At least one parent is sticking up for her.

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