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Leading Off (2/17/17)

Dallas experiences 'A Day Without Immigrants,' Irving's mayor won't seek a third term, and Ken Paxton heads back to court.

North Texas Experiences “A Day Without Immigrants.” Several Latino-owned businesses in Dallas closed and hundreds of DISD students staged peaceful walkouts as part of “A Day Without Immigrants” demonstrations on Thursday. These exhibitions were part of a nationwide effort to accentuate immigrants’ role in daily U.S. life. Many Dallas-area schools experienced lower enrollment Thursday. More than 200 students walked out of Dallas’ Moisés E. Molina High School, which has a 96 percent Latino population.

Controversial Irving Mayor Won’t Seek a Third Term. Beth Van Duyne’s announcement came Thursday, a day before the filing deadline for May elections. She did not disclose her future plans; however, her trip to Trump Tower in the days following the presidential election has led to speculation that she could join Trump’s administration. Since taking office in 2011, Van Duyne has brought national attention to Irving and gained a reputation for her vocal opposition to sanctuary cities and position against Sharia law.

Mexican Consulate Hosts Immigration Meeting. The town hall-style meeting Thursday night brought together hundreds seeking guidance and comfort from elected officials. Worries have increased with President Donald Trump’s orders on immigration and the construction of a border wall. However, the predominant concern was how Trump’s actions could impact children—immigrants themselves as well as those born in the U.S. to immigrant parents.

Car Fire in Uptown Garage Leaves One Dead. Firefighters discovered a body inside of a car engulfed in flames Thursday afternoon in the 3600 block of McKinney Avenue near West Village. The car was parked on the top floor of a parking garage, witnesses said. The person’s identity has not been released, and the cause of the fire is under investigation.

Ken Paxton Will Be Tried Twice. The state attorney general was back in court Thursday where he discovered prosecutors plan to try him in back-to-back trials on his separate charges. Paxton faces two first-degree securities fraud charges and one third-degree felony charge for failing to register as an investment advisor.


  • I hope that black people were paying attention to which businesses are closed because they prefer hiring illegals over young black men, who have the highest unemployment rate in the country.

    • Poetaster Dallas

      1. Who says it was illegals that walked out? Many legal, many citizen Latinos are concerned about the governments treatment of Mexico and immigrants.
      2. Who says that employers who hire Hispanic workers don’t hire other POC?
      3. Some employers decided to close not because their employees were not coming to work, but because they support their employees concerns.

      Phelpsie, why don’t you start a business and start hiring people?

      • 1) The organizers have worked long and hard to conflate legal and illegal immigrants. They’ve won, we’ll treat them all as illegal now.

        2) Basic logic. Every job that has an illegal in it does not have a black person in it.

        3) Don’t care. Fire them and hire loyal employees.

        Have started a business, hope to start hiring soon. Won’t be hiring illegals.

        • Mavdog

          1) nope, you can “treat them all as illegals now”, the rational public will just treat them as people.
          2) You fail at logic. The point made was the coworker of an illegal could be a black person. whoosh…
          3) The business owners supported the protest. According to you they should fire themselves.

          Good luck with your business. Hope you hire a lot of diverse people but I have my doubts.

    • DubiousBrother

      I’d like to know which Latino owned businesses closed yesterday.
      Blacks are starting to wake up, even in California:

      • T_S_

        Dear sweet jesus, did you just link to infowars? ffs

        • Mavdog

          and you are somehow surprised he gets his news from infowars?

        • DubiousBrother

          I’m sorry comrade, you are correct. I need to wait until the NY Times, or the L.A.times or the DMN covers this town hall meeting in California where a Black woman is speaking the truth about the affect illegal immigration has on Black unemployment. Sweet Jesus indeed.

          • T_S_

            Have you ever bothered vetting Infowars or Alex Jones? Never mind, you already posted it, so I know the answer.

          • DubiousBrother

            It is the video that was posted at Infowars that I was referring to. Did you watch the video?
            As far as vetting sources, I don’t trust anything anymore from the MSM especially after the last election cycle although I didn’t trust them before either. I have to admit they are good for a laugh:

          • T_S_

            Yes, you appear to be a serious Skeptic.

  • DubiousBrother

    It took all day before the DMN pulled down the fake news story about President Trump sending in 100,000 national guard troops to round up illegals.

    • Mavdog

      Nope, the news story is still there.
      also has a link to the memo.
      so much for the fake claim of “fake news”.
      do 2 fakes make it real? isn’t that like a double negative?

    • MattL1

      The story was real. The memo was real. I’m concerned by your inability to tell fact from fiction.

      • DubiousBrother

        Unfortunately I didn’t screen shot the original headline which was at best misleading but not unexpected.

      • sbw60

        The memo was a “draft memo”. It was never sent out. It was never part of official policy. However, it was leaked and then picked up by news agencies as actual policy without proper vetting on their part.

      • Ok, Dan Rather.

  • JamieT

    I’m guessing the immigrant walkout at the D properties was probably low.

    • Happy Bennett

      LOL. I understand that the D bigwigs all had to go home to take care of their kids because the “help” took the day off.

    • They would have to hire someone less white than Tim and Barrett first.

  • And when you say “other folks” you mean black people?

  • Sean Connery

    I “lead off” on a daily basis…usually by sticking my purple-headed yogurt slinger beyond some redhead hottie’s meat curtains and into her tight baby oven. But sometimes into a towel.