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D Magazine Announces a Symposium on the Trinity River

D Magazine is thrilled to announce 'Envisioning the Trinity: Theme Park or Natural Wonder' on March 8. Join us to discuss the future and importance of the river.

Dallas has long struggled with what it should do with the Trinity River, but has this city ever really understood what the river is and what it could be for Dallas if we simply embraced its wild natural wonder? That’s the question we will tackle at a symposium we’re holding on the Trinity River titled “Envisioning the Trinity: Theme Park or Natural Wonder” from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m on Wednesday, March 8 at Cityplace.

If you’re tired of the sort of nonsense that was thrown at today’s Trinity Commons luncheon, then join us. RSVP here. Read about the history of the Trinity River Project, ideas for its future, and what natural wonders you can discover today in the watershed in our special March feature package on the Trinity River. Let’s finally set Dallas down a path toward realizing the true potential of this city’s great natural asset.

Here are more details about the symposium.

The event will bring together some of the most knowledgeable voices on the Trinity River, from the naturalists who have studied its delicate ecology to the planners who have wrestled with the difficult engineering and hydrology questions that must accompany any future plan for the river.

The symposium will tackle these questions:

How Did We Get Here?

Don Raines, Michael Bastien, and Ignacio Bunster-Ossa, three designers and consultants who worked on the Balanced Vision Plan, will discuss the history and original intent of the only federally approved plan for the Trinity River.

How to “Wild” the Trinity?

Landscape Architect and Urban Planner Kevin Sloan, Dallas Park Board Member and Master Naturalist Rebecca Howe Rader, Audubon Texas’ Urban Conservation Program Manager Dr. Tania Homayoun, and horticulturist Dr. Robert E. Moon will talk about the Trinity River watershed and how a deeper appreciation of its subtle and delicate natural ecology is the key to the realizing the best future for the river.

How Do We Move Forward?

Finally, Dallas City Councilman Scott Griggs, former-Dallas City Councilwoman Angela Hunt, and Texas State Rep. Rafael Anchia will talk about our options moving forward, how we can finally realize the dream of reconnecting Dallas to its river by utilizing the broad outline of the Balanced Vision Plan to “re-wild” the Trinity River.