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I Will Watch the Super Bowl if Pie Is on the Table

If Zeke were playing, I wouldn't need the pie.

This Friday is free pie day at Norma's.
Who gets lemon meringue when peanut butter is an option?

This is how my brain works. I saw Alex Macon’s post today about the Neil deGrasse Tyson event at the Winspear on Valentine’s Day. I thought, I love Neil deGrasse Tyson. I haven’t planned anything for Valentine’s Day. How much are tickets? Tickets are sold out. Why did Alex post an event that’s sold out? What am I going to do for Valentine’s Day now? Melissa likes to go to Norma’s for their Valentine’s Day dinner, which is a three-course fried extravaganza of awesomeness topped off by red velvet cake. Those fried mushrooms are the best. I wonder if they’re doing it again this year. They must be doing it again this year. But I better double check the website. They are doing it again this year. But what’s this? A Tailgate Touchdown box for six for the Super Bowl? With your choice of brisket sliders, chicken tenders, mac and cheese, and … a pie?!? How have I not heard of this? What’s the difference between chocolate peanut butter and Reese’s pie? They both sound basically like a Buckeye, which is what Zeke would order. I wonder who I can invite over for the Super Bowl. My friends probably already have plans. I don’t even know who’s playing in the Super Bowl, except not Zeke. I wonder how much food it actually is. “For six.” Melissa and I will dominate that box. I don’t need friends.