Neurosurgeon Christopher Duntsch in surgical scrubs. (Credit: Wendy Young)


Ex-Neurosurgeon Christopher Duntsch Sentenced to Life

Prosecutors said sentencing a surgeon for his or her outcomes in the operating room was unprecedented in American history.

Ex-neurosurgeon Christopher Duntsch will spend the rest of his life in prison for maiming patients. A jury returned the verdict Monday afternoon, ending a yearslong investigation into dozens of botched surgeries that resulted in two deaths and multiple cases of paralysis.

Duntsch was the focus of D’s November cover story—in a press conference after the verdict, prosecutors proclaimed that the Memphis native was the first physician in the nation to be convicted for behavior inside the operating room. His outcomes were so poor, so beyond the accepted standard of care, that a grand jury indicted him on five counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon as well as a single count of harming an elderly patient. He started practicing at Baylor Regional Medical Center at Plano and secured privileges at Dallas Medical Center despite having had a patient, Kellie Martin, bleed to death during a surgery. His best friend, Jerry Summers, was left a quadriplegic. At Dallas Medical Center, Floella Brown died of a stroke after an operation and Mary Efurd was severely harmed. He practiced at Legacy Surgical Center in Plano and ended his career at University General Hospital. Prosecutors identified more than 30 patients at the four hospitals who were harmed at his hands in a period of just over 18 months.

During two weeks of testimony in the sentencing portion of the trial, prosecutors zoomed into the 17 years he spent in medical school, residency, and fellowships. They argued that he had to have known that he was likely to hurt the next person he operated on, and he did it anyway. The jury, in returning the guilty verdict after four hours of deliberation, agreed.

A looming print deadline kept me out of the courtroom on Monday for the punishment verdict, but The Dallas Morning News did a good job chronicling the final day of testimony, which included comments from many of his victims:

They heard from Philip Mayfield, who cries when he thinks of all of his son’s football games that he hasn’t been able to watch because he often passes out from chronic pain, and Barry Morguloff, who limps with a brace and a cane as a result of irreparable nerve damage in his spine.

They heard from Jeff Cheney, who woke up paralyzed from the neck down on his right side, and Jackie Troy, who talks in a permanent whisper and almost died from an infection after she was left with puncture wounds in her throat after Duntsch performed neck surgery on her.

One of the questions raised by reporters in the afternoon was why he came to Dallas. Civil lawsuits filed in Memphis show that he was broke before coming here. He spent about 18 months away from the operating room doing research and pursuing patented medical technology. He took credit for discovering inventions that his partners later claimed that he stole from them. He involved high school friends in two businesses meant to commercialize the technology, then failed to live up to his promises. They sued, and the emails came out: “My reputation has been ruined,” he wrote one morning at 4 a.m. “I have lost both companies.” When the money ran out, he began looking for opportunities to practice. He settled on Dallas.

Drs. Michael Rimlawi and Douglas Won, themselves now indicted in a separate federal kickback scheme, recruited Duntsch to town. He was offered a $600,000 annual salary, and stood to earn 40 percent of all revenue he generated beyond $800,000 a year. Prosecutors said this greed fueled him. His ego ballooned, as evidenced in other emails in which he compared himself to God and Einstein. He once wrote that he was a “mother fucker stone cold killer.” Drug and alcohol abuse dogged him throughout his career, but he never tested positive. Substance abuse allegations largely stayed out of the trial until the sentencing phase—the outcomes were poor enough that the state could center on those to secure his sentence.


  • Kondor999

    And…Good Riddance. I’ve been following this case for the last 3 1/2 years and it seems that justice was served, although nothing can truly compensate the people who were killed or left crippled.

    My next question: How did he keep getting privileges at all these hospitals? He was leaving a trail of bodies and yet he kept getting hired.

    • Realjamiacan

      He is white!! Period.when a black doctor offered emergency medical assistance to a patient on a plane, she was ask to show her credentials. This is called white privilege!!

      • disqus_jasonw3

        And there is the leftist dropping race into a unrelated topic. Moron. The major privilege nowadays is having two parents.

        • Doc2222

          If you don’t like race being brought up, try not being a racist.

          • disqus_jasonw3

            You’re just an asshole. Dropping the term “racist” with no support or evidence to the case. So typical of someone devoid of any ethics or meaningful thought.

          • Doc2222

            Your “two parents” reference gave you away, Einstein.

          • disqus_jasonw3

            Having two parents is the privilege. Facts don’t lie. If that were the case, why do single-mother white households have a higher incidence of poverty than two parent black households? What happened to the privilege?

          • stormyseaward

            um. federal housing administration loans that created the suburbs following ww2 were not offered to black family’s and they couldn’t live there bc of redlining anyway. they also didn’t get va loans despite fighting in ww2. nor were they given the same opportunity for higher education with the gi bill bcause colleges wouldnt generally accept black students – hbcu being the exception but certainly not the equal at the time. thus, while white families took advantage of govt loans and “handouts” as you would now call them that allowed them to build and own homes in nice areas, black families continued to live in substandard areas in inner cities where they were overcharged for crappy rental housing. many had ti sublet rooms as a result which helped feed the notion that black families would be bad neighbors bc they had other ppl living with them. the city services were also less likely to take care of those neighborhoods as quickly as white neighborhoods. So trash pickup was slower, potholes weren’t patched. city property wasn’t mowed, blighted structures weren’t demolished. It all perpetuated a negative steireotype about black ppl. it also further drove propery value down, leaving less money for schools from local taxes. most significantly, bc this is a capitalist society, and private property ownership is the cornerstone of capitalism, it prevented black families from building and creating wealth that could be passed on to future generations. while white families built equity and wealth, black families paid rent. at that point, the average black family had an annual income equal to about 70% of the average white family. HOWEVER, those head starts fpr white families were easily the biggest factor in the average black family niw having 5% of the accumulated wealth of the average white family. the privilege is still there, you’re just too ignorant and insensative to see it.

            furthermore, white employess are paid more. simple shit. the privilege is there, you’re just too ignorant and insensative to see it.

            additionally, one in three black men is imprisoned at some point in his life, so many black fathers are either in jsil, recently released, or employed in a low paying job bc of a criminal record that likely stems from a completely arbitrary law. The privilege is still there, you’re just too ignorant and insensative to see it.

            wtf?!? did you seriously say that and mean that?!? do you think it is because those white single mothers work harder don’t you?!? you think white ppl are more deserving?!? how could you possibly say something as crazy as WHITE SINGLE PARENT HOUSEHOLDS MAKE MORE THAN BLACK FAMILIES WITH TWO PARENTS, WHERE IS THE PRIVILEGE THERE?!? GOSH.. ummmm… literally everywhere. lol, omg…

          • disqus_jasonw3

            @stormyseaward:disqus Facts aren’t always sensitive. It doesn’t make them wrong.

            Roughly 70% of black children are born to a single mom, which puts them at a huge disadvantage. No one is forcing black men to get a woman pregnant and then leave.

            You misrepresented what I said and then freaked out about it. My earlier comment: “Why do single-mother white households have a higher incidence of poverty than two parent black households? What happened to the privilege?”

            The fact is that having two parents is the privilege, not the color of your skin.

          • sonybru

            The same thing applies to caucasians. Most kids, no matter the “race” are being raised in single parent households. That’s the new America. As far as ‘no one forcing Black men to leave,’ actually there were social programs that impoverished people of color couldn’t receive if they had a husband. Plus no man wants to look weak and ineffective in front of his family and with lack of employment due to the hate of weak, insecure people, many Black men left their families because they couldn’t look their families in the face and watch them struggle.

          • Tabitha Gilley

            Very very true… People should make better choices exp if they come from a similar background. Don’t get knocked up by loser, graduate high school, get that FREE education. Bam you’re privileged I guess for making smart choices.

        • Realjamiacan

          I understand the challenge you faced comprehending my post. I assume you were sitting while reading my comment and as such, your brain wasn’t getting enough oxygen. Stand up, give your brain some air.

          • disqus_jasonw3

            No issues comprehending the words. Just don’t agree with the thought. It’s a snowflake term that isn’t grounded in reality.

          • Realjamiacan

            Why is the bar so low for whites as oppose to others?? Do you think a black doctor would be allowed so many chance to screw up??

          • stormyseaward

            on the real, I have actually taken the “effing crazy” position of no longer using white doctors, actually preferring foreign doctors. I am a white female so people certainly raise eyebrows when I tell them my general physician is from cameroon, my dentist is kenyan, and the ob currently overseeing my pregnancy runs a holistic women’s clinic with midwives attending births with him. i just found I was so much more satisfied with doctors of color because I KNOW they had to work twice as hard to succeed, to get ahead, to be hired, etc. Like, if you can’t understand what a surgeon says when he speaks, breathe easy. He (or she) made it through medical school and residency and exams without even being able to fully communicate easily. They’re great. But yeah, a black surgeon would not have been allowed to make these errors. It would not have happened. He also would not likely be doing blow in the effin W residencies all night… just sayin

          • stubbynuggs

            Google Kermit Gosnell.

          • WP

            Lol… Had to work twice as hard? You’ve got to be kidding. Ever heard of quotas? Universities go out of their way to “diversify.”

            God, the ignorance of people like you is astounding!

          • Deborah Parker Williams

            Actually, that’s incorrect. Because of diversity programs, many people of different color and ethnicity get accepted with LOWER GPAs.

          • stubbynuggs

            Google Kermit Gosnell. Yes, a black doctor was also given many chances to screw up.

          • stormyseaward

            omg wow, nobody has heard of kermit gosnell. cue the eyeroll!! he performed abortions way too late in a dirty filthy clinic. oh gosh. yeah.. thing about abortion doctors, and those on the right never forget this, they kill babies everyday. that is their job. nobody goes to abortion hoping to stop shooting pain from a car accident or a ruptured disc or something. nobody goes into an abortion thinking the fetus will finally go on with life without the need for pain meds!! lol, that was the objective. he just did them in a shoddy ethically wrong way when it was like… sorta living. but the patients did get what they came for, ya know?!?

          • stubbynuggs

            Point being, a black doctor was allowed, for years, to conduct his medical practice in such a shoddy unethical manner. That flies in the face of your assertion that only white privilege would allow a doctor to do so, and that if your doctor is a person of color you can be assured of their quality. Both assertions dead wrong, as evidenced by the career of Kermit Gosnell. You can cue the eyeroll all you want, it does nothing to refute my point.

          • Nunya Bidness

            @Realjamaican you’re the one suffering from anoxic brain injury. Perhaps you were one of Duntsch’s patients? If so, I do convey my sympathies for your pain and suffering.

            Otherwise, in grown-up world, we require evidence to support allegations. Not conjecture, not feelings, EVIDENCE. You have none. The sun is setting on the day that baseless pronouncements will be accepted as fact simply because of how they make groups feel about themselves.

      • Anne Bowers

        And there is the wing righter dropping the race card into unrelated topic. Idiot. The major privilege nowadays is having two parents.

        • Realjamiacan

          Did you know that most Hispanics here have two parents?? (The ones here legally). ask them about privilege. Jews here have two parents as well, ask them about privilege. Many successful blacks have two parents, ask them about privilege. Many successful females working half the salary of their under qualified bosses have two parents, ask them about privilege. Here is privilege, when you can brag about grabbing women’s pussy and still become president, that’s privilege. The President before had to even prove that his degree was not fake. when you can cripple maim and kill people and still keep your job as a white doctor, that’s privilege.

          • DeShawn Williams

            You whine and bitch like a little baby, don’t like it here. Go to Africa and see if that’s betterfor you, you sure your not Al Sharpton in disguise?

          • Realjamiacan

            Go to Africa?? bitch i was born here. so don’t get it twisted. I bet you cant find Africa on a map of the world you retard. Privilege is privilege no matter where and injustice is injustice no matter where. Thats always yalls bullshit comment, bout go to fucking africa. am not from africa bitch, i am an american citizzen, work hard, pay my taxes so fuck you. And for your education, The whites living in Africa arte still as privileged as the ones here. its the blacks in africa who are underprivileged. But you wouldnt know this cuz its not aired on the kardashians reality show.

          • DeShawn Williams

            Your sound like such an angry, ignorant African man that keeps blaming the white man for your misfortunes. Seek help and maybe bleach your skin if counseling doesn’t help with your anger issues

          • Liz

            U are a huge ignorant piece of shit. He hasn’t said one thing about blaming the white man for any misfortune. Did u pull that out of your ass? Here’s a thought. You’re the problem. We don’t need any more ppl like u. So you can get the fuck out. Bully’s like you are the worst.. Humble yourself princess. You aren’t anything special.

          • DeShawn Williams

            Liz, you sound like an angry snowflake, liberal HO! Go crawl back under the turd you arose from. Lol…angry hobag !

          • Liz

            Lmao. Gladly sweetheart 🙂

          • Nunya Bidness

            Hmm so it would seem RealJamiacan is a Fake Jamaican? That would explain the misspelling in the screen name.

          • stubbynuggs

            If you were born here, you’re not a Realjamaican.

          • Realjamiacan

            Funny you say that, considering there are many people who were born here and are not real Americans either, and many who were not born here but came here and claimed the land as theirs.

          • stubbynuggs

            Pretty sure that is the case in any country on Earth.

          • stubbynuggs

            Yes, many successful minorities have two parents. That makes Anne’s point. Two parents is a tremendous privilege. Which is why those who have them tend to be successful. Black, White or otherwise. Likewise White children who are raised by single mothers tend to not be successful, just as anyone else raised by single mothers. I would trade my whiteness for my parents any day of the week. My parents had a much bigger impact on my success.

          • Tabitha Gilley

            OJ Simpson got away with two murders it happens everyday… This guy just somehow outsmarted the system. It’s wrong any color!

      • Blank Stare

        A necessary, but not sufficient, condition. Try again.

      • Shannon Ladnier

        Seriously? Here comes the village idiot crying about white privelege. Its a nice day here today…must be because I am white. I didnt have to wait in line for coffee…probably cuz I am white. My god what an ignorant way to whine. Stupid knows no color obviously

        • stormyseaward

          If you didn’t have to wait in line for your coffee, you hardly grasp the genuine struggle of the white community. Way to be totally irrelevant.

      • JennCastro

        Working in a hospital and knowing how credentials committees work, I can tell you it has NOTHING to do with “white privilege”. His past had not yet caught up with him at the time he applied for privileges in the first hospitals. Most doctors, and especially surgeons, have privileges in multiple hospitals at the same time in order to serve a broader patient base. By the time his errors were becoming known, he went looking for privileges in other hospitals including the one where I work. He was not granted privileges anywhere after the poor outcomes became known. Hospitals share peer-to-peer complaints and disciplinary actions with other hospitals for just this very reason.

        • Regina Warren

          Thank you, for bringing facts to the discussion! My boss, a surgeon, was happy to hear that a realistic punishment was given to this man. All doctors suffer when truly negligent practitioners are allowed to get off with a slap on the wrist.

      • DeShawn Williams

        It’s called “your a dumbass knee grow”! Now go back to your BLM ghetto hole.

        • voltron99

          Damn you are racist AF. Such a snowflake you are

      • Chris R Jernigan

        You’re using one example where a racist questioned the expertise of a black doctor to prove that this happens everywhere all the time. That’s like saying, “I saw a dog that was brown once, therefore all dogs are brown.” You can’t prove by example. That’s just fucking stupid.

      • Chris R Jernigan

        I also wonder why it seems to be the case that when prejudiced white people show distrust towards non-whites, that’s called “white privilege,” but doesn’t every race have prejudiced people that show more trust towards people of their own race? A lot of black people prefer black doctors. A lot of people from India prefer Indian doctors. A lot of Jewish people prefer Jewish doctors. In those instances, no one ever cries “Indian privilege” or “Jewish privilege!” Why? Because that would sound absurd, because it IS absurd. Whites account for 72.4% of the American population. The only reason white privilege seems like a major presence is because whites are a majority by a wide margin. So even if only 10% (that’s 7.24% of the American population) are prejudiced towards other races that’s still more people than most minorities, and more than half the amount of the African American population. This would mean that for every two black people there is at least one racist white person. So black people run into racists all the time, and this isn’t even accounting for the racists from other minorities! Does this mean that white privilege (which does exists to some degree, simply because of the numbers) is the cause of every problem? No! And really, to suggest that it is, that is pretty racist in and of itself.

      • Alex

        WTF does race have to do with this? I mean seriously. Bringing up the race card when it has absolutely NOTHING to do with this case. That’s why no one will ever take you seriously if you keep blaming all your problems on the ‘white man’.

      • Brad Brownlee

        He’s really just purple!

      • Confusedwhitebitch

        Sound so stupid….

      • GDDLS

        White privilege does not exist… stop drinking

      • Uneducated


    • Susan Davis

      Doctors protect doctors. I’ve been in health care for over 30 years. I see it happen all the time

    • Katina Wright

      Many felt that he was one of the best neurosurgeon around and he could do no harm. As one stated below, “he was white with white privileges”. Let’s just keep it 1000. There was a lot of covering up with loop holes!!! Really sad!!! But God has the last say with him believe that!!!🤔

    • GDDLS

      No… justice has not been served.

      The peeps that graduated him, knowing he was impaired, still at large

  • Doc2222

    Dang! Dr. Demento! Or maybe Dr. Mengele reincarnated.

  • MoreVictimsComingSoon

    Not enough!!! The only justice victims see in the state of Texas is in a criminal court. The Monster goes to jail, but the victims are left to suffer, with only the assurance that this monster is off the street. Not to mention the Scumbag Corporations like Baylor and who hired him, and knew what he was doing. They should ALL have to pay for their attacks on the innocents, but instead they get a pass! Tx Prop 12, Tort Reform, insures the victims NEVER RECEIVE THEIR DAY IN COURT to seek recompense through the civil court system. We can all admit the victims were indeed harmed and even KILLED, yet we have been duped by our “Representation” to pass a law that exempts the perpetrators from accountability. Unfortunately, for the victims, they live in a state, in which the victims burden of proof must show perps acted with malice. That mean the perps saw them coming in the door and said “Here is my next victim!”. So the victims become victimized again by a law that protects the wrongdoers exempting them from accountability. That is what happens when WE allow the PAID LOBBYIST FOR THE HEALTH CARE AND INSURANCE INDUSTRY WRITE THE LAWs. More victims are guaranteed as long as this is the law is in existence!

    • disqus_jasonw3

      Thanks for the novel but medical professionals can still be sued, and damages recovered for medical malpractice. I personally know one of the victims’ families who perished after a surgery and they did recover monies from this doctor and his insurance company

      • jkhesq

        But not punitives. Not full compensatory.

      • Bill Putnam

        Why is this Monster is able to hurt and Kill so many people? It is the law…Texas Prop12 (Tort Reform). How are the Corporations able to get a pass, even though they knew what he was doing, yet still hired him? Same answer.

        • disqus_jasonw3

          Seems like the flaw in this case has more to do with adverse outcome monitoring practices, medical licensing, and references between hospitals than with tort law.

          • Bill Putnam

            How about just restoring our 7th amendment rights? Prop12 ripped it away from Texans. It has made the nearly impossible for victims to see their day in court. Regulatory is not the solution, when the rules for regulatory are actually written by the same Lobbyist groups, who wrote the law. I have actually met with the TLR and TAPA Lobby’s, who has no problem admitting the law promotes events such as Monster Duntsch. They understand very well that the Texas Sheeple will blindly swallow their talking points as The Unmitigated Truth. Reality check…Political ideology, has no morals, and the attacks on our constitutional rights aere not OK just because it comes from our Party. We Righteous Republicans…the Protectors of Life….Right. Just ask the victims(republicans, democrats, libertarians, communists), how that is working for them.

    • Kondor999

      “Ensures” is different from “Insures”. You should wipe the spittle off your keyboard. You can see the letters much better that way 😉

      • Bill Putnam

        I see your willful blindness is only limited to the content of the message.

  • A bunch of questionables

    Just another reason why I will never never never go to anything Baylor related – one of their surgeons totally botched a “simple gallbladder surgery” to where 2 years later I am still have the same issues I had when they decided that it was my gall bladder that was bad – the surgeon disappeared before my 6 week check up even! I would never send my worse enemy to Anything Baylor – it isn’t just their college that has problems.

    • disqus_jasonw3

      The hospital and university are unrelated

      • DavidHuss

        It’s more complicated than that. The Baylor in this article (Baylor Scott and white in Plano) has nothing to do with Baylor university (in Waco) and both have nothing to do with the Baylor College of Medicine (in Houston).

      • stormyseaward

        well, they’re both affiliated with southern baptist conference now aren’t they?

        • #BoycottNFL

          You were my mother’s brother’s sister’s cousin’s former playmate. Which makes us… absolutely nothing.

          7 degrees of seperation.

          • stormyseaward

            your mother’s brother’s sister’s cousin’s former playmate?!? your aunt’s cousin would also be your mother’s cousin and your brother’s cousin. that would be your first cousin once removed just like your first cousin’s cousin’s kids are your first cousin’s once removed. so you’re first cousin once removed’s playmate would totally be something to you. Like, I was at the hospital the day my first cousin once removed was born and he grew up with his two best friends since elementary school and they’re now his roomates in college. So, I’ve known them since they were, like, 3 and they always end up going out to eat with us or something. so like, whats YOUR point? you don’t even know that your mom’s brother’s sister is your freakin aunt.

          • #BoycottNFL

            Clearly… someone has never seen Spaceballs. If you are too incompetent to grasp my post, maybe you should refrain from exposing your ignorance on the Internet for the whole world to see.

  • Hedera

    It looks like the hospital administrators are not going to be accountable for failing to stop him.

    • Susan Burke

      Support your organizational patient safety professionals. Chances are, they did their review and made recommendations regarding safe patient care and were discounted.

    • Hedera

      The hospital administrators’ inaction is shameful. And apparently they’re immune from civil liability. it’s like one of those dystopian movies where there’s been a decline of societal standards and institutions.

    • Hedera

      The news media, with one exception that I saw, are not curious how he was able to perform as many bad surgeries as he did, and whether he could have been or should have been stopped much sooner.

    • Hedera

      Apparently the hospital administrators don’t have either a legal or ethical duty to stop dysfunctional doctors from harming their patients. There is no way to know if the administrators are amoral or if they feel at all bad about what happened.

    • Hedera

      Did the hospitals put out the usual insincere/dishonest boilerplate press statements about how “patient safety is our top priority” and “we are committed… blah blah blah”? I don’t recall.

  • Jennifer Moore

    There’s not much oversight in medicine anymore-no experienced specialists overseeing technique, outcomes or standards and people-humans that we are, get complacent, lax or look the other way thinking someone else will do something about it. Lots of smart people go into complex specialties and hide in the complexities to bamboozle and overwhelm their clients. It’s true in government, in finance and in medicine. Caveat Emptor is the consequence of deregulation. We can’t have it both ways! We can’t have deregulated industries, AND a structured system of rules that protect us. You decide. Rules are not just obstacles, they actually protect us when they’re enforced-if they can be enforced but enforcement is a job someone has to pay for. Taxes. Eeww!

    • #BoycottNFL

      Hahaha… medicine a “deregulated industry.” Bwahahaha

  • steve salisbury

    So, I didn’t see the “intentionally” injured the patients the headline implies. Wouldn’t it have been simpler to have stripped him of his medical license and saved the prison space? I just don’t see where he intentionally set out to harm his patients.

    • MissyVixen

      The intentional harm is apparent by the number of patients made dead or permanently disabled via his hands. He knew he caused harm and yet, he continued to get work and admitting privileges to cause even more harm.

    • Kondor999

      They proved beyond a reasonable doubt that he knew he would be harming the next person her operated on. In so doing, he demonstrated that his purpose was to inflict harm.

      It’s beyond mere incompetence at that point. It is intentional, willful, and premeditated.

      My next question: Who is looking at his training program where he did his Residency? Clearly, their standards are severely lacking. Most neurosurgery residency programs are incredibly stringent. How did this disaster slip through? My understanding is that it’s a new program.

      • #BoycottNFL

        The 18 month gap in patient care is a concern. I don’t think I could ever return to patient care after an 18 month hiatus

  • Adam Medders

    D Magazine, when ‘He once wrote that he was a “mother fucker stone cold killer.”’, was this in reference to one of his botched surgeries or something unrelated?

  • Thomas

    jesus christ.

    this guy got look,

    always question a person’s ethical back ground. always always always!!

    it may not be written in stone but this guy got away with murder,

    then performed it and could care less, THIRTY TWO TIMES!!

    ok. and why do people like these come from texas?

    I’m being serious. though this guy is on the faar end of the spectrum.


    thomas 🙂

    • Danfire

      He didn’t come from Texas! He, finally, got caught in Texas! Read the article!

      • Thomas

        neither did Ted Cruiz!!


        thomas 🙂

        • Danfire

          Really, Thomas? I wasn’t aware Cruz had murdered people on the operating table! And, you’re trying to bring politics into it? Wise up, Mr. Liberal!

          • Thomas

            actually, he invoked my background while campaigning in indiana on the ground, for indiana’s 57 electorate votes,

            “something from a psychological text book” while responding

            to trump, trying to ‘control’ (34/79) the outcome for

            those 57 electoral votes, which were pivotal.

            all the while, channeling carly fiorina in his next step,

            along with 10 grand nsa hotel whore and murderer jami rose (30/57)

            04041980DOB for ‘control’ (34/79) and to win the presidency,

            at least the nomination. 🙂

            > > >[email protected]/21012770763/

            someday. that great pickup truck from the sky,

            will fall. and brother. when it does.

            look out. because it’s gonna land hard.

            people, who cause that kinda of great harm for control,

            ultimately will face the light.

            so. 🙂

            yea, how about that?


            thomas 🙂

            ps: just another scum bag, trying to make his way, *from* texas.

            and people texas, just don’t seem to mind. 🙂

          • #BoycottNFL

            That was just nonsensical

  • Realjamiacan

    There is black privilege as well, am not afraid to call it. Thats one example you mentioned. Another is how they call each other niggaz without consequence but if a white person use the same term, they cry racism. Thats black privilege.

  • Lola

    Beyond amazed at how easily people jump to engage in unnecessary arguments about race when the article was about a heartless devil who committed heinous acts against people of varying races (including his own)! I DO believe that his Whiteness allowed for him to have the record he had yet still be trusted into such a highly esteemed position as a neurosurgeon time and time again. However my need is NEVER to get those who have White skin, to agree with me in that fact. And arguing back-and-forth online with strangers is an immense waste of time and results in nothing but fueling hatred and ignorance all across the board. This man SHOULD spend the rest of his life in prison, however a more just consequence would be for him to do so paralyzed.

    • Realjamiacan


    • Danfire

      The same with people who want to bring politics into it! What does politics have to do with a ‘serial killer’?

  • stormyseaward

    rappers also go to prison far more than the general population. lol. when young jeezy or mystikal decide to run for president, I’ll certainly say something about the fact that they moved coke or something, but hey… they didn’t run for president. in fact, mystikal actually had to do time for secxual assault – imagine that!! guess it was their “black privilege” that allowed them to grow up in “black communities.” communities created by denying black people access to the fha and va loans that fred trump built the foundation of donald’s “successful” real estate empire upon. The redlining that made people in New York want to move into Trump buildings in Queens to escape people of color wasn’t enough because, as we all know, The Trump Organization had a few issues not being overtly hateful to minorities following fair housing legislation. So… what?!? black communities were designed solely as a reaction to racism and saw all education and opportunity leave. Hip Hop emerged ftom those neighborhoods and rap expresses the frustrations, lifestyle, and experience of those places. So… yeah, rappers are supposed to say that shit bc they’re expressing the lifestyle rthat white privilege created for them.

    The president, whose entire life was built upon white privilege in a very real and concrete way, is not supposed to grab pussies or sexualy assault people or have such a horrible dialect, accent, vocabulary, and communication style.

    But keep getting mad at people bring up racism instead of racism itself. Hmmm, why woukd anyone label you as inherently racist?!?

  • stormyseaward

    dude is seriously like mengele, nobody goes into a minimally invasive spine surgery expecting to get mengeled.

  • akatrixy

    WTF? Why does race always come up? So stupid race has nothing to do with it. Have you ever heard the saying “guilty dog barks first” I think the racist are the ones who cry first

    • Indubitous

      Lol you’re crying first about the discussion of race… so you’re saying applies to you.

  • I am a family practice Doctor in Dallas, and I’ve been on the front lines of patient care for 33 years, the past five years I have witnessed some of the cruelest, gruesome, sadistic, and genocidal behaviors perpetrated by medical doctors.

    These criminal behaviors started with a simple-minded idea that humankind could treat pain by removing bone. Although humanly possible without killing the patient the idea if implemented is wrong. The skeleton is rock solid and can heal automatically with little input from people. The idea that what you see on the x-ray is reality is illogical.

    It turns out that muscles are the first source and location for all physical and somatic pain easily treated with massage.
    Plain old massage is the treatment for muscle pain. The idea of using surgery in place of massage was an arrogant, ignorant, stupid, and narrow-minded invention which defies human biology. I’m certain that when it was done everyone was excited because they get paid lucrative rewards for cheating the science and evidence and thus the patient.

    Now for clarity: What is a pain?
    Pain problems are either due to injury, malfunction or invasion.
    Injuries are the most common cause of pain in the form of physical pain that you would get after playing football.
    Malfunction and invasion pain problems are treated with surgery and or medications.

    What is physical therapy? The same physical therapy and treatments that are elite football player would get after a game. Physical therapy is not what you know it to be.
    What is the complete list of all PT options?
    In the 60s, there were a few Masters of Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction who perfected most all of the three tools of hands-on and manipulative and needling techniques.
    1. Hands-on elbow grease modalities can be viewed along a spectrum of corrective therapies; massage, spray and stretch, active tissue release, chiropractic and osteopathic services, traction, infrared heat, and cold laser.
    1. Thin filament Intramuscular stimulation with acupuncture needles, i.e., dry needling as per C. Chan Gunn, MD.
    2. Hypodermic Intramuscular and periarticular stimulation with hypodermic needles a.k.a. Janet G Travell, MD, and Edward Rachlin, MD trigger, tender point stimulating injections, Stewart Hackett, MD tendon and ligament stimulating injections.
    The irrefutable biological fact: The exact mechanism of action pathologic cause-effect and problem-solution equation:
    • Intramuscular micro scars + extra muscular and intramuscular stimulation = resolution of the painful pathology.

    There are over 50 biological and scientific facts contained within this hidden paradigm of pain that are invisible to your knowledge, wisdom, and experiences.

    As a review,
    A. Physical pain is not sourced and located in the skeleton, tendons, spine, disc, joints cartilage, menisci, spinal and peripheral nerves.
    B. The skeleton perfectly designed and is pretty much self-contained and can automatically heal by nature.
    C. The federal government has mandates which do not allow Medicare recipients to receive this level of physical therapy.
    D. Health and Human Services will direct the elderly into having up to 10 major joint replacement procedures and no corrective physical therapy. How do I know? I have witnessed this in my office.

  • Chris R Jernigan

    “then failed live up to his promises” *failed to

  • stormyseaward

    you can slap hos. its not a privilege, it just costs extra. i mean, unless you’re going to try your hand at pimpin but… yeah, you… nope. nope.

    you do realize rap is a form of entertainment, right?!? like… chris brown is technically sn r&b performer but domestic violence worked really well for him. i mean, it overshadowed everything else he will ever do, but yeah. same went for ike turner. mystikal slapped a ho. he went to jail. like, c murder went to prison for life for murder. suge knight didnt rap but he is gone now. snoop was wrongly accused of murder and put on trial. like… half of pusha t’s associates got federal dope charges. a lot of rappers had drug charges before breaking into rap. young jeezy was associated with bmf.

    here’s the thing… they rap about the streets bc they did street shit. no rappers are actually selling bricks or slapping hos (i mean… who?!? eazy?!? ok… that was 30 yrs ago, but whatever). dmx killed, like, a few thousand ppl on its dark and hell is hot. its entertainment., it isn’t like…, omg. it isn’t like they actually do that.

    lmao… jeez.

  • stormyseaward

    like this is the dumbest point. black privilege?!? no. see… thats called talent bc there is literally nobody stopping you from doing all the above bc nobody can deny that eminem was one of the best to ever do the above. he rapped about killing his ex wife and disposing of her body. he rapped about being in an abusive relationship and made it insightful and won a damn grammy. he certainly killed a few enemies on wax. he rapped about eating ecstasy and acid and snorting coke and vicodin in the 90s when nobody was making crazy rhymes about mushrooms for god’s sake. so no, you dumbass, that isn’t black privilege. its called rapping or mc’ing. it originated in the bronx in the late 70s and is freauently associated with urban environments where groups of youth takd turnsspitting rhymes in circles called cyphers. this led to battle rappers and gangsta rap on the west coast and coke rap from the south. eminem was the first white artistxto break out but many more of varying skill and myriad styles have since emerged. you can go ahead and try it if you would like. although authenticity is valued, it is ultimitely admonished if one is actually found to have done the things they talk about. nobody said go commit crimes and then snitch on yourself. see bobby shmurda and crew with their track hot n**** for further evidence of this point.


  • sonybru

    Oh, shut up!

  • ohmyjoy

    He is disgusting! Good riddance. By the way, there are so many spelling and grammar errors in this article, that I wonder why no one has edited it?