• Gary Sipe

    Wow, looks like Alex Muse has another big win on his hands. Bought it for $15M, wonder how much he made selling it?

  • Curious why you are pointing out something that is embarrassing to your business partner.

  • This is some next-level trolling. I applaud your efforts.

  • Mike Blankenship

    Not sure how “Pro” the tips are since there are several pending lawsuits. Wonder if the buyer, Gow Media, acquired the lawsuits? Sounds messy and that these two were looking for an out…someone to dump this company to

    • Alex Muse

      The lawsuits were against the prior owners. Robert managed to avoid litigation. 99% of companies face regular litigation as a course of business. And I never offered “pro” tips.

  • The “Robert Bennett” who has commented here is not the Robert Bennett who recently sold CultureMap. We’ll leave up the two comments, as all they do is point to things that are online. But to avoid confusion, we will not approve any future comments from someone posing as Robert Bennett.

    • Alex Muse

      I think it would be appropriate to delete comments by someone who is OBVIOUSLY not Robert Bennett. Let the troll post them in their own name (or a name that is not Robert’s). Truth is, with regard to CultureMap, Robert is a saint. He kicked assed to help the team – a bunch of honorable people doing honorable work for relatively low pay. Kudos to all involved.