Zeke Elliott Was in a Car Accident, but He Says He’s Been in Bigger Collisions

Who's letting these guys drive this week?

Zeke was in a car crash this morning in Frisco near Dallas Cowboys Headquarters. Don’t panic: sounds like he’s fine. Question is, how much damage did he do to the other guy? Another question: why wasn’t he being transported in a padded bubble? Or at least in a tank with a driver? Jerry, please protect my Buckeye.


  • jmd

    I heard that the O-line is clearing his path for the rest of the week! Go Cowboys!

    • Kathy Wise

      Which member of the O-line do you think has the worst driving record?

      • jmd

        i’m pointing my finger at the USC bad boy Tyron Smith for speeding. Close second was Travis Frederick for parking his Wisconsin truck anywhere he wants.