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Leading Off (11/18/16)

A cold front moves in, downtown residents need better transit options, and more.

Electors Face Pressure to Vote Against Trump. Next month, the electoral college will officially cast votes to decide the presidency. Until then, two local electors are facing pressure (and up to 1,000 emails a day) to “vote with their conscience” or—more specifically—against the president-elect.

Downtown Residents Need Better Transit Options. Namely, ones that don’t involve a car. According to a survey by Downtown Dallas Inc., nearly half of the respondents do not drive personal vehicles and would like other modes of transportation. Last month’s vote to fund a second downtown light rail had us thinking that the city is finally taking public transportation seriously. Time will tell.

Tony Romo Wanted a Chance to Compete For His Job. But that was never a serious consideration. With eight straight wins behind them, the organization did not want to risk the “rhythm of the team” with a quarterback change.

Bundle Up. Finally. A long-awaited cold front has arrived, lowering temperatures to the 30s this weekend. We could also see frost in some places. If you really want to feel connected to the season, tune into 102.1 KDGE, your new Christmas music alternative.


  • Faithless electors will be what starts the shooting.

    Be careful what you wish for. If Hillary presides over the death of the republic, is that worth it?

  • dallasmay

    The Electoral College flipping now is unthinkable

    … or would be if this wasn’t 2016.
    WTH! Let’s do it!

  • DubiousBrother

    It is worth having the Electoral College just to see the national news outlets go from moon walking around with the Hillary Clinton landslide projections up to the election to the excuse making whiners having to report the Trump a$$ kicking.

  • Mavdog

    The Republic survived the 1824 “corrupt bargain” between Adams and Clay which kept Jackson out of the White House for 4 years, and while there are some similarities between the 1824 Presidential campaign to the recent one it is hard to imagine the public would see the House deciding who is President as a good thing.

    OTOH having a President Ryan or the like for the next 4 years would be infinitely better than what we are currently faced with…