Leading Off (11/11/16)

Anti-Trump protests, votes to be recounted, and a Veterans Day parade.

More Anti-Trump Protests. About 300 people marched from Dealey Plaza to Klyde Warren Park and back again last night to express their displeasure with the results of Tuesday’s presidential election. Two more local protests are planned for tonight, one in  downtown Dallas and another in downtown Fort Worth.

Racial Tensions at Plano East High School. Students arriving on Wednesday morning found that some jackass had drawn a picture of a wall with the phrases “Build that wall,” “Can’t stop Trump,” and “Hillary for Prison.” on a campus breezeway. Other students have reported racial slurs shouted at black, Hispanic, and Muslim students in recent days.

Denton County to Recount Votes. An elections worker reportedly left some scanning machines in test mode while processing ballots from Tuesday’s election. Due to the error, the county’s elections administrator has decided to recount all the paper ballots cast.

Kelcy Warren Is Happy About President Trump. The CEO of Energy Transfer Partners told market analysts in a call on Thursday that he’s optimistic about the future of the controversial Dakota Access pipeline from North Dakota to Illinois now that Donald Trump will be moving into the White House. The Obama administration has blocked a small portion of the pipeline from being built until the cultural concerns of the Standing Rock Sioux and the possible effects on their tribe’s drinking water supply have been addressed.

Veterans Day Parade. At 11 a.m. in downtown Dallas military vets and others will assemble near Union Station and march down Houston and Main streets before heading back toward Dallas City Hall in honor of all those who have served in the armed forces.

It’s My Last Day. I’m leaving D Magazine and Dallas. No, I’m not moving to Canada.