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One Question About the Byron Nelson Moving to the Trinity Forest Golf Club

I'm looking forward to 2018


It’s official. Today it was announced that the AT&T Byron Nelson will move in 2018 from the Four Seasons to the new Trinity Forest Golf Club, which formally opens this weekend. Nearly every year, I get to play in a Nelson media tournament with a bunch of guys in red pants. I’m seriously looking forward to 2018. Meantime, though, I have just one little question: when it comes time for the tournament, where is everyone going to park? Here’s an earlier satellite view of the course under construction, so that you might understand why I’d ask this question.


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  • OldLakeHighlander

    It’s called the Fair Park Plan–park anywhere you can or can’t.

  • MattL1

    Old Texas Stadium. Done. The buses will just have to shuttle people a bit farther (like “opposite corner of the city” farther).

    I’ve been wondering this ever since it became obvious that the Nelson would move here. It’s fairly easy to shuttle people in from the Lake June and/or Buckner stops on the Green Line (each a couple of miles away). But there are no big, empty parking lots around there. Nor is there empty land that can (or should be asked to) handle a large volume of cars.

    Maybe the city dump? That’ll be fun. I guess everyone can park at Fair Park and be shuttled down? Perhaps that’s why the Humann Plan was so wishy-washy on getting rid of the parking lots in favor of a community park.

    But don’t tell the mayor any of this, or we’ll end up with a demolished Pleasant Grove neighborhood or a denuded Trinity Forest grove.

  • Chris

    This whole plan made zero sense from the beginning. But, DALLAS. So…

    Many questions, when will the giant fan be installed to keep the landfill smell away?
    Where will they park the 5,000 cars that will come?
    How much money will be lost in this venture?
    Who is making money in this?
    The tour players already hated coming to Las Colinas and staying within walking distance at the Four Seasons, now they will have to shuttle from downtown, which they will hate more…?

    • OldLakeHighlander

      Maybe get rid of that ugly old Audubon center and put a luxury hotel and parking there!

  • Joe Bob

    First, cut down the forest. Second, pour about 200 acres of concrete for parking. Third, change the name to Trinity Parking Lot Golf Club.

  • trek1red

    I would ask the Mayor but as I recall he does not like to be bothered with details.

  • Eric Foster

    It will be the first All-Limousine and Valet Parked golf tournament. The Pavilion girls will be chauffeured in each day as well. No need for tacky parking lots.

  • Marcus

    The Romantic Inn & Suites, situated just a few miles west of the golf course will be running shuttles, I’ve already booked 4 rooms.