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Leading Off (10/12/16)

Trump, tasers, and locker-room convos.
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Donald Trump Finds Silver Lining at Dallas Fundraiser. He told the crowd that the “shackles have been taken off” now that the establishment is jumping ship. I can’t even imagine what an unleashed Trump sounds like.

Thief Gets Taser Treatment in the Middle of I-30. Clinton Lang, Jr. should thank the officers who took him down as he ran across interstate lanes in Garland. From the looks of this video, he nearly ended up in front of pearly gates instead of behind bars.

West Dallas Residents Saved From Eviction (For Now). HMK, Ltd. owns rows of shacks in West Dallas. When residents opened their doors for code inspectors after new regulations passed two weeks ago, the city told the rental company that conditions—we’re talking vermin and holes in roofs—needed improvement. Instead of complying, HMK tried to get out of the rental game altogether and threatened to evict residents. Yesterday, a judge put a stop to that until a yet-to-be-scheduled hearing will determine whether residents have a legal case against the property company.

South Garland High School Redefines “Locker-Room Conversation.” Changing rape culture has to start somewhere. Three cheers for coaches who don’t Billy Bush it.

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