Dallas Remains 5th-Most Unequal U.S. City

Now, what do we do about it?

Dallas-Fort Worth is booming. Construction cranes everywhere, an influx of new residents seemingly every day, businesses choosing to relocate here, an unemployment rate lower than the national average, and an economic growth rate higher than the rest of Texas and the U.S. as a whole.

But we’re not all living like Scrooge McDuck, taking daily swims in our money bins. When you hear the positive numbers about how well things are going in these parts, keep in mind that they’re almost always talking about the region, and not the city itself.

Among the problems that our big city must confront that the fast-growing northern suburbs have not yet had to face, to anywhere near the same degree, is income inequality. We’ve mentioned it plenty of times before, but today brings a new ranking from Bloomberg that places Dallas as the fifth-most unequal big city in the country. Right where we finished last year too.

It’s based on something called the Gini coefficient, which measures the total income in the city against how that money is distributed across the total population. Here’s where Dallas finished among American cities with populations greater than 250,000:

Bloomberg ranking unequal cities


  • EricinDallas

    Hmmm. Pretty sure all those cities are run by democrats….

    • Mavdog

      umm, Miami has a Republican Mayor.

  • Mavdog

    While not disputing the fact there is a high degree of income inequality existing in Dallas (as well as our country) that requires addressing, the Gini coefficient isn’t the greatest measure of economic fairness. The measure only registers gross income and not relative costs of living, nor does it include non-income benefits.

    That being said the accelerating concentration of wealth is unhealthy for our society.

  • DubiousBrother

    It is interesting that Miami is the most unequal and just about 230 miles southwest is probably the most equal, Havana, which is not in the U.S. but all of the unequals that fled seem to be.

    • Mavdog

      Havana has a Gini Coefficient of .5, according to the Cuban Catholic Church publication Espacio Laical. Miami is at .58, so Dallas and Havana are pretty much around the same.
      Cuba is an oligarchy, any labeling as a Marxist or Communist society is a myth.