A Dream Deferred: This is the latest design for a grand Trinity park. It would be nice to leave the land of make-believe and actually build something.


What Ever Happened to the Trinity River Project?

Months after fanfare around another new plan for the river, there is no political momentum behind the embattled civic project.

There’s something of a non-story in today’s Dallas Morning News about the Trinity River Project. In essence, transportation reporter Brandon Formby reports that there is nothing to report about the Trinity River Project. After Mayor Mike Rawlings unveiled yet another park mock-up earlier this year, there has been no effort to push forward. And all the usual questions about the project — is the huge road still alive? How much will it really cost? What is actually possible to build in the floodway? — remain.

So why is the Trinity River Project in stagnation mode? Well, “Fair Park,” says Rawlings. “The budget,” says Transportation Committee Chair Lee Kleinman.

Perhaps a breather is exactly what the Trinity River Project needed. Not doing anything to the river is better than rushing through with the wrong plan.