Fair Park now and then. (Photo: Leah Clausen)

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Podcast: Paul Sims and Bobby Abtahi Debate the Future of Fair Park

Things stop being polite and start getting real.

Paul Sims (husband of our guest on Episode 7 of EarBurner) was among the five Dallas Park and Recreation Board members who walked out of a July meeting in order to force board chairman Max Wells to allow discussion on the entirety of the proposed contract to have a Walt Humann-led private foundation take over management of the civic asset.

If you follow Bobby Abtahi, chairman of the Friends of Fair Park (making his second appearance on EarBurner), on Twitter, then you know he wasn’t a fan of what Sims and his colleagues did that day. Abtahi is in favor of the Humann plan and of the city approving the contract.

Tim and Zac decided to bring the two together at the Old Monk yesterday for a no-holds-barred mano-a-mano cage match to decide the future of Dallas, or something.

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