Celina: Big Things Happen Here

A woman named Brooklyn is about to blow your mind -- with furniture refinishing.


There is something I’d like to tell you about. Up in the Frisco suburb of Celina there lives a woman named Brooklyn Calloway. She runs a business called Brookielynn’s Bungalow, which occupies six stalls in the downtown Celina bazaar called Whimsy Finds. Brookielynn’s Bungalow teaches folks faux furniture refinishing.

With me so far?

On October 1, Brooklyn Calloway and Brookielynn’s Bungalow will attempt to break a world record in the Celina square by hosting the world’s largest furniture refinishing workshop. If you bring your own chair, the workshop costs $15. If you’d prefer to have Brookielynn’s Bungalow provide the chair, it costs $35.

That’s what I wanted to tell you about. If you’ve still got questions, maybe the Celina Record has the answers.