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Leading Off (8/2/16)

It is Tuesday. Be thankful it's not still Monday.
By Tim Rogers |

Rangers Make All Sorts of Moves. The DMN’s Evan Grant says, “[T]hey owned the last hour of the trading period like a boss.” Space prevents a full recounting of what all GM Jon Daniels did yesterday. Here are the details. The rest of the season should be really interesting.

DART Looks for Different Downtown Route. Hang the heck on. It looks like the route DART has been eyeing for its much-needed second line of tracks through the city’s center might not work. Brandon Formby reports that more and more stakeholders are calling for subway, which would be more expensive but wouldn’t screw downtown the way a surface line would. For a really deep dive on the subject, you should read what Peter Simek wrote in our July issue.

Southwest’s Pilots and Mechanics Unions Call for CEO’s Ouster. As the airline racks up record profits, two of its unions have given CEO Gary Kelly a vote of no confidence. The airline says this is nothing more than a negotiating tactic for new contracts.

Taya Kyle Joins Fox News. Roger Ailes might be gone, but now Chris Kyle’s widow has joined the network as a commentator. Her first appearance was yesterday on Fox & Friends. She did not attempt to sell any rifles, as she once did on Fox.

Cowboys Deny Romo Is Fat. Enough with the body shaming

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