The proposed Sky Park parking garage with the Sky Bridge leading to the Perot Museum.

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Is Building a Parking Garage on Klyde Warren Park the Most Dallas Thing Ever?

Another in a series of questions about our city's big ideas.

Yesterday we learned, via the DMN, that the proposal to add another deck to Klyde Warren Park (Dallas’ favorite downtown green space) won’t result in much in the way of additional, you know, park. It will, instead, result in the addition of parking. And the garage that’s being proposed to go up on the extension between St. Paul and Akard streets is itself being referred to as “Sky Park.”

For the $90 million project being proposed by Jody Grant, chairman of the Klyde Warren Park foundation, we’d also get the closure of Olive Street, a fancy new fountain, more toys in the children’s play zone, a “Sky Deck” that hangs out over Woodall Rodgers, and a “Sky Bridge” linking the Perot Museum to the park.

But Grant told the DMN that without the parking garage (which would also house a restaurant and bar and the park’s offices) the project isn’t feasible. The Park Board is going to get a look at its meeting tomorrow. Grant wants the city to kick in $40 million, about twice the city’s share for the initial construction of Klyde Warren.

No one can deny this is a big idea in a city where “big things happen.” The question is, have we now achieved the ne plus ultra of the form?


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  • Wylie H Dallas

    Why, exactly, isn’t it feasible unless a parking garage is included?

    • MattL1

      I’m guessing they’ll charge for parking? Or there’ll be less grass to mow?

    • Mavdog

      Come on WHD, if there isn’t a parking garage where are the Woodall Rogers Park Foundation executives going to park their cars when they go to the offices? Do you really expect them to park on the street? goodness gracious….

  • lakewoodhobo

    Even if the building didn’t look like a giant toilet seat and assuming we wanted to build it (I don’t), I find it hard to believe that a deck could support 70-90 cars plus the structure with offices and restaurant space. Something doesn’t feel right about this.

  • MattL1

    According to the rendering, though, they’re also going to either flood all of West Dallas and parts of the Design District, or they’re FINALLY going to move us next to the ocean!

    If it’s the latter, $90MM is a freaking GREAT price.

  • trek1red

    Why can’t they just spend this effort funding transit improvements? $90 million seems like an awful lot of money for parking for 60 or 90 cars.

  • Poetaster Dallas

    10 Things more Dallas than this:
    10. Overbuilding the ugly, cheap apartment market.
    9. Finding hidden money in the budget when absolute needed for a BIG project.
    8. Here a TIF, there a TIF, everywhere a TIF TIF
    7. Paying Costco $3million
    6. Bad sidewalk engineering
    5. Potholes ( the non smoking kind)
    4. Pokemon Go
    3. People-mover at Midtown. Revised – everything at Midtown including the name
    2. Hidden agendas by the Citizens Council
    1. Fried effing Jell-O

    • manny

      It could be a nice homeless shelter, which Dallas claims not to have any funds to assist the homeless. However, a really nice parking garage for the folks living downtown that don’t really need the garage anyway, they just walk to the park. Anyone else uses a park by their home.

  • Stephanie Behring

    If parking is really an issue, residents would be better served by incorporating all parking downtown into one system – meters, pay lots, etc. and have an app that can be used to find available parking. There is enough there already, just no one knows how to find it. And why on earth would you build a sky bridge to the Perot? Are the current sidewalks not good enough?? It would be so much cheaper to improve existing sidewalks.

  • Harry3w

    Couldn’t they just tear down the Museum Tower and turn it into a parking garage? That would solve the Nasher sun reflection and the parking issue at the same time.

    • JAWNTX

      Hey I think you’re on to something! Sounds like the perfect idea.

  • let’s turn parking lots into parking garages. how about we start with that

  • Mavdog

    You think the “garage’s potential revenue” would be “for the city”?? ha ha ha.

    not too sure where you get that naive idea, the Park Foundation will have their fingers tightly gripping every single penny of the “garage’s potential revenue”…

  • JoeBl

    Incorrect. Parks do generate revenue. Study after study examining the effects of parks show that in almost every case they raise property values in adjoining properties as compared to similar properties without such parks.

  • Alan Lowrance

    Self-parking is needed until autonomous cars allow parking venues to be a few miles away. Without a pass to the DMA to use their garage, I don’t think I would have ever been to Klyde Warren so it should be more accessible to others.